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05.06.2015, 10:00 Uhr

Bewegend - Moving Diese Bilder machen mich im positiven Sinne nachdenklich, danke dafuer mehr

28.12.2014, 19:20 Uhr

What a nonsense Anybody who ever worked longer than a week in either hotels or good restaurants knows that a average 11-12 hours are the minimum ... And it does not matter if you are the boss or the azubi. Also [...] mehr

20.05.2013, 07:24 Uhr

20.000 fuer den Bausatz, 80.000 fuer batterie motor?? You must be kidding me - das auto kostet ohne motor 20% des final package price? haha good one, hope not too many people forget to read the article to the very end. . . Schade dass sich keine firma [...] mehr

16.05.2013, 12:26 Uhr

65% schutzzoelle on cars und luxus Hallo nach Deutschland, na in China ist es doch voll normal auf all importierten Autos und all Luxusartikel wie schmuck, lederwaren, kleidung, etc einen Schutz-Zoll von bis zu 65% warenwert zu [...] mehr

27.01.2013, 13:37 Uhr

Expat Lifestyle I also spend good 3 years in the kingdom, meet my wife there, moved from there to other countries and do live as an Expat now since almost 20 years - Bin ich ein Auswanderer?? No for sure not, i still [...] mehr

18.01.2013, 10:59 Uhr

I did live in Tangshan until August 2012 Dear Lea, I did live in Tangshan for 12 months until August 2012 opening a hotel there, my recommendation to you: - make sure you do go at least once a months to Beijing for some RnR - find [...] mehr

04.11.2012, 11:07 Uhr

Baby - Boy no problem when used to Moving with a child (former newborn) since he was born around the world, actually he was born in the middle east, living partly on vacation in Germany and Canada but resides and goes to school in [...] mehr