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Polizei Hamburg: Gefährlicher Jagdeifer
SPIEGEL ONLINE - Panorama - 16.11.2018, 19:10 Uhr

Hamburger Polizisten wollten mit mutmaßlich zweifelhaften Methoden ein altes Verbrechen klären. Jetzt hat der Fall Konsequenzen. Chronik einer missglückten Ermittlung. mehr...

Facing Up to Anti-Semitism: 'We Will Win Because History Is On Our Side'
SPIEGEL ONLINE - International - October 30, 2018, 05:45 PM

Historian Deborah Lipstadt exposed author David Irving for being a Holocaust denier in 1993. Now, she warns of the growth of what she calls "softcore" anti-Semitism. Trump and his kind, she says, are even more dangerous than those who openly agitate against Jews. mehr...

'Our Antennae Are Up': Rise in Anti-Semitism Unsettles Gemany's Jews
SPIEGEL ONLINE - International - July 26, 2018, 06:10 PM

How does it feel to be Jewish in Germany in 2018? After decades of successful reconciliation and integration, an increase in anti-Semitic attacks has many Jews in Germany wondering: Is the pendulum swinging back? mehr...