The Social Design Award Let Us Know What You Think!

From bold visions of utopia to rustic courtyard flowerboxes: Which of the ten proposals for green oases in our cities is your favorite? Cast your vote in the competition by October 26.

Hybrid Space Lab/ Social Design Award


Greener, more livable cities - that's apparently what many people are yearing for these days. This year there were roughly 150 entries for the Social Design Award from professional design studios, from initiatives and associations, and from people who are committed to their neighborhoods. A jury of experts has compiled the ten best proposals in a short list. You still have until October 26 to vote for your favorite idea on the list.

The audience award and the jury award each comes with a €2,500 purse. With support from Bauhaus, SPIEGEL ONLINE and SPIEGEL Wissen are proud to confer the fourth Social Design Award this year. In past years, the audience award has gone to a ride bench to improve mobility in communities with poor public transport; a pillar that visualizes the accomplishments of students beyond the normal school curriculum; and a project to plant trees for newborns. You can learn more about past projects here.

You'll find out which entry has won the jury award and which has taken the audience award on November 14, right here on SPIEGEL ONLINE.


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