February 20, 2013 – 05:29 PM

Picture This: Cleaning Up


Workers this week began cleaning up and rebuilding the heavily damaged boardwalk areas in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, a city struck badly by this autumn's Hurricane Sandy. The storm swept an entire roller coaster out to sea, and the area is still cluttered with debris from the Oct. 29 storm, creating a safety challenge for the tourism industry here. Indeed, cars from rides at the local amusement park could be found on beaches as far as 8 miles away from the boardwalk. "The amount of debris that needs to be removed is mind-boggling," Governor Chris Christie told reporters this week. The politician has estimated that the damage caused by the storm in his state alone could reach $37 billion. As for the roller coaster, its private owners are working with insurers to come up with a plan to dismantle in and get it out of the ocean, according to the Associated Press. Still, the start of work this week suggests Seaside Heights will make a comeback.

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