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Get SPIEGEL ONLINE's Widgets and Gadgets for Netvibes and iGoogle

SPIEGEL ONLINE International now has widgets and gadgets available for Netvibes and iGoogle. Install these handy little applications and get updates every time we publish a story -- it's an easy and fun way to get global perspectives from Europe's leading newsmagazine.

Want to stay up to date with the latest from SPIEGEL INTERNATIONAL, your trusted second opinion from Europe? Install our widgets and gadgets for NetVibes and iGoogle and you'll get updates every time we publish a story.

Stay in the loop with SPIEGEL ONLINE's widgets and gadgets.

Stay in the loop with SPIEGEL ONLINE's widgets and gadgets.

What Are Widgets and Gadgets?

Widgets and gadgets (the terms are basically interchangeable) are small programs that you can add to your computer desktop, if you are running a newer version of Windows or Mac OS, or to a personalized Web portal such as iGoogle or Netvibes. These handy little applications can remind you about appointments, tell you the time or let you check your e-mail. They can also feed you the latest news headlines -- the perfect way for you to stay in the loop.


Using widgets, you can read SPIEGEL INTERNATIONAL articles even when you are not visiting our Web page. Install the widgets on your desktop, personalized Web portal or blog and you will always have the latest SPIEGEL headlines at your fingertips. Want to read the whole article? Just click on the link and the full story will open on the SPIEGEL ONLINE Web site.

What Is Netvibes?

Netvibes is a customizable Web portal which allows you to create your own personal homepage featuring your e-mail in-box, Flickr photos, YouTube videos and RSS feeds, among many other things. Naturally you can also install a SPIEGEL widget to keep up to date with the latest headlines from the Web site of Europe's leading newsmagazine. (The German version of SPIEGEL ONLINE also offers a range of widgets.) You can also install Netvibes widgets on your desktop (if you are using Windows Vista or Mac OS) or on your blog.

You will need to create a Netvibes account to use its features; registration is quick and free of charge. To install a widget, simply click on the link(s) below, then click "Share" next to the title of the widget of your choice. You will then be offered a range of options for installing the widget. Simply click on the place that you want to install the widget (e.g. Windows Vista) and follow the instructions.

SPIEGEL ONLINE International Netvibe widgets

SPIEGEL ONLINE Netvibe widgets (in German)

What is iGoogle?

The Google service iGoogle allows you to create a personalized homepage featuring a Google search box and a selection of gadgets (the Google term for widgets). You can use gadgets to check your Gmail account, get the weather forecast or check out share prices. And naturally you can also use gadgets to read the latest SPIEGEL INTERNATIONAL headlines.

You can use iGoogle with or without a Google account. Having a Google account allows you to access your personal iGoogle page from any computer. If you don't have an iGoogle page already, simply visit the iGoogle home page to get started -- an easy-to-use wizard will guide you through the set-up process.

To install the gadget for SPIEGEL INTERNATIONAL or SPIEGEL ONLINE (in German) on your iGoogle page, simply click on the link(s) below and then hit the "Add it now" button on the iGoogle page. (You can also add the gadgets by clicking the "Add stuff" link on the iGoogle home page and then searching for "SPIEGEL INTERNATIONAL.")

SPIEGEL ONLINE International iGoogle gadget

SPIEGEL ONLINE iGoogle gadget (in German)

Tell Us What You're Thinking

If you use SPIEGEL ONLINE's widgets and gadgets, we'd like to know what you think -- both about our Web site and our social networking features. What works well, and what could be improved? Send your rants and raves to We're continually developing SPIEGEL ONLINE's social networking features, and we welcome your suggestions.


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