Caption: 4212 Michael Walter China Lebensmittel Datum: 15. Oktober 2012 Rejected Food Food imported into the EU from China (all examples from 2012) Date Country Food Jan. 24 Germany Contaminated jasmine tea Feb. 20 Spain Insect-infested potatoes Feb. 27 Spain Falsified documentation for frozen ducks March 23 Belgium Antibiotics in rabbit meat April 4 Germany Noodles with high aluminum content May 2 Czech Rep. Oyster sauce with staphylococcus May 9 Estonia Parasite-infested fish filets May 15 Sweden Salmonella-infected powdered ginger May 23 Ireland Contaminated chicken meat May 28 Finland Spices with high radiation levels June 13 Sweden Poisonous mold on peanuts Aug. 7 Cyprus Arsenic in frozen calamari Aug. 31 Denmark Glass chips among pumpkin seeds Sept. 14 Italy Maggots in pasta Oct. 1 UK Cadmium in dried anchovies Oct. 8 Germany Epidemic from frozen strawberries Oct. 11 Germany Antibiotics in shrimp Source: EU's Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF)