Poland's Central Bank Head 'Euro Crisis Will Continue for a Long Time to Come'

The euro crisis, says Polish central bank head Marek Belka, isn't going to disappear soon. But in a conversation with SPIEGEL, he talks about why Warsaw still wants to join the common currency union, the success of Poland's economy and the reason Eastern Europeans haven't protested against austerity measures.

SPIEGEL: President Belka, on Thursday morning the leaders of the euro zone agreed on a debt haircut for Greece and expanded the bailout fund for the euro. Will the Poles now try to join the common currency?

Belka: The Brussels decision shows that everyone who expected the demise of the euro was wrong. The European leaders clearly affirmed that the euro zone would continue to exist. Now the decisions have to be put into practice. All the problems will not disappear at once, and we could still see turbulence over the debt securities of other countries. But the prospects for Poland joining the euro are certainly much clearer now, although we don't want to specify an accession date right away.

SPIEGEL: After the summit, is the euro zone still as attractive to Poland as it was before?

Belka: We can't say yet that the euro countries have put the crisis behind them, and I believe