From Brash to Bawdy: Berlusconi's Most Revealing Gaffes

Quote Gallery: The Berlusconi Bravado Photos

Europe is watching as Italians head to the polls this weekend to choose their next leader. All eyes will be on Silvio Berlusconi, a man who nearly drove his country to ruin and now has the prospect of getting re-elected. SPIEGEL ONLINE has collected some of the billionaire politician's most colorful quotes.

Italian media tycoon and three-time former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is known for his bravado. The 76-year-old conservative politician is also notorious for his involvement in multiple sex and corruption scandals that contributed to pressure on the ex-leader to step down as prime minister in November 2011.

But none of that has stopped him from throwing his hat into the ring following the resignation of his successor Mario Monti in December. Once again, Italy's richest man is running for office, with his fellow Italians set to cast their votes this weekend.

"Il Cavaliere," or "the knight," has never been shy about his opinions, many of which have not been considered particularly diplomatic -- or appropriate -- for a high-level politician. But that doesn't mean they aren't amusing. Click on the photo gallery above for a look back at the best of Berlusconi's remarks over the years.

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