Bitter Bayern Guardiola Vows to Give Mole Player the Boot

Bayern Munich are flying high on the pitch, but off it things are not going so smoothly. The German soccer club's Spanish manager, Pep Guardiola, has vowed to find and kick out a mole who is passing information to the press.

Bayern Munich coach Pep Guardiola has vowed to find the mole in his team

Bayern Munich coach Pep Guardiola has vowed to find the mole in his team

On course to defend their European title and four points clear at the top of the German league, things are looking pretty rosy for Bayern Munich on the field. The soccer club's new coach, Spaniard Pep Guardiola, is yet to lose a competitive match with the team and a 3-0 win on Saturday night at the home of bitter rivals Borussia Dortmund seemed to be further proof that all was well in Bavaria.

But away from the slick football being played out on the pitch, storm clouds are gathering. According the mass circulation Bild, Guardiola, who enjoyed unprecedented success as coach of Spanish team Barcelona, has hit out at an unidentified mole inside the Bayern dressing room who is reportedly leaking information to the media.

The existence of the mole was confirmed by Bayern chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge to TV channel Sky.

Guardiola is reported to have laid down the law in the team meeting before the Bundesliga match against Dortmund -- who Bayern beat at London's famous Wembley Stadium in the Champions League final in May -- telling his players: "No matter who it is, heads will roll. I will throw him out. He will never play under me again." Guardiola will now do everything he can to find out the identity of the mole, Bild added, after the newspaper revealed details of Bayern's tactics which would only have been known to the team themselves.

'He Will Have a Serious Problem'

Rummenigge said: "I advise the person concerned to put an immediate stop to his activities, otherwise he will have a serious problem, not only with Pep Guardiola but with the whole club." The former German international declined to comment on the possible identity of the mole without any evidence.

Such revelations from within the supposedly sacrosanct dressing room environment are actually not that uncommon in football. At the European Championships in Poland and Ukraine in 2012, Germany coach Jogi Löw reacted angrily after details of tactical changes were revealed beforehand in the media. But he ruled out the possibility that the information had been passed along directly by a player; rather, it was said to have been someone else, probably one of the players' agents.

But such indiscretions have a long tradition in the German national team. Bayern legends Franz Beckenbauer and Lothar Matthäus, as well as fellow World Cup winner Rudi Völler and another former Bayern and Germany coach in Erich Ribbeck, have also been accused of being very close to Bild at one time or another. Matthäus in particular was seen as being a reliable source of information for the tabloid during his playing days.

Guardiola will be hoping the leaks don't affect his players adversely as they chase a repeat of last year's historic treble of league, German cup and Champions League.

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