Gender Parity? German Women Struggle for Equal Pay

New federal statistics show German women still lag behind men in pay equity, and in the former east Germany the pay gap is wider.

German women are paid less for the same work, with the same qualifications.

German women are paid less for the same work, with the same qualifications.

German women in the workplace are paid eight percent less than their male counterparts for the same work, with the same qualifications, according to federal statistics released Monday.

The German Federal Statistical Office found that the gender pay gap has remained constant in recent years, with women earning an average of 23 percent less than men in gross hourly wages. Roughly two-thirds of those cases are due to structural differences in the types of jobs chosen by women, such as part-time work, and their qualifications, according to the federal statistics branch.

The remaining third, however, relates to women with the same qualifications and jobs as their male co-workers. The figures came after the office examined data from a 2006 federal structure of earnings survey, which included information from 3.1 million people.

The study also found differences for women on both sides of the former Wall. While the adjusted pay gap for women in the western part of the country was eight percent, in the former East Germany (excluding Berlin), the study found that women with the same jobs and qualifications earned 12 percent less than men.



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