Fraud Factory Helping Careerists Get Ahead as a Ghostwriter

In Germany, higher education titles help people in business circles burnish their credentials and get ahead. But instead of doing the work themselves, many busy careerists are employing ghostwriters to write their doctorates for them instead. One ghostwriter reveals the flaws of the educational system.


The anonymous ghostwriter hard at work.
Fabienne Hurst

The anonymous ghostwriter hard at work.

Another assignment has just come in: 200 pages to be written in four weeks on the topic of business administration, in English. Christian Arnig* sits in his room in a Frankfurt apartment he shares with roommates, wearing a wool sweater, scarf, glasses and comfortable house slippers. His apartment is sparsely decorated with just a bed, writing desk and glass wall cabinet, where binders and legal texts stand next to a row of classic literature. He enjoys fiction and plays, though he used to only read non-fiction. "When I was 13 years old I wanted Nietzsche for Christmas," says the 33-year-old with a grin.

Arnig is clever, maybe too clever, if he is to be believed. There is hardly any pro