Islamist Raids German Police Shoot Down Model Plane Terror Plot

German officials on Tuesday targeted two men suspected of planning to carry out terrorist attacks using remote-controlled model airplanes. The pair is thought to be influenced by radical Islam, but are not considered to be members of a terror group.


German police searched several apartments in three different states on Tuesday in conjunction with authorities in Belgium in a broad raid aimed at an alleged plot to used remote control model airplanes to carry out terrorist attacks.

The raids began at 4 a.m. local time in the German states of Bavaria, Baden-Wurttemberg and Saxony. Authorities said in a statement that the investigation is focusing on two men of Tunisian origin. They are suspected of having sought to acquire information and equipment necessary to carry out "radical Islamist explosive attacks using remote controlled airplanes," according to a statement on the website of Germany's Federal Public Prosecutors' Office.

The statement claims that no arrests were made on Tuesday morning, though pictures from the raid show a man in Baden-Wurttemberg being taken into custody. A total of nine buildings were searched, including apartments belonging to four suspected accomplices of the two Tunisians in Munich and Stuttgart. The four are thought to have "provided financing for the militant jihad," the federal prosecutors' statement reads. An additional suspect is thought to have engaged in money laundering.

GPS Programming

According to the Stuttgart public broadcaster SWR, some of the suspects are students at the University of Stuttgart, where they are taking courses in aerospace engineering. As part of those courses, they learn how to use GPS to program model airplanes to fly specific routes.

German security officials had long been aware of the possibility that extremists might attempt to mount an attack using remote controlled aircraft. Last fall, a man in the United States was sentenced to 17 years in prison for planning to fly explosives into the Pentagon and the US Capitol using remote controlled aircraft.

Some 90 officers took part in the Tuesday raids, which ended before lunchtime. The nature of the evidence confiscated in the raids was initially unclear. Officials said that the suspects are not thought to be members of a terrorist organization.

In a separate raid, French police took six people into custody near Paris on suspicion of preparing terrorist attacks on Monday. They are thought to be members of a radical Islamist terror cell and are being questioned on Tuesday. The two cases are not thought to be related.

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mishoj 06/28/2013
1. GPS to program model airplanes to fly specific routes.
This is their future - remote toys, boats, airplanes, cars, etc., what ever these cowards can utilise without getting caught, they will use....think about this, people who go to further their own education to manufacturer custom equipment including computer software and GPS technology to further their own commitment into killing and inuring as many innocent people as they possible can. Before today.....this is a game changer, first hearing about, then reading this, I was against the Guantanamo Bay detention camp. Without any charges, etc., people are still in Guantanamo Bay because these people will and are still capable of killing innocent people, as many as they can... This is very important because of the technology and methods these cowards use (RC-TOYS-GPS) to do their dirty the many documentaries on drones - most are just very expensive RC toys which can fly for 10 miles, maybe more....these are not really toys, they can be built as small as a humming bird.... I would think a place like the Guantanamo Bay detention camp is necessary today because of the use of this RC & GPS technology....lock these cowards up for the rest of their pathetic lives. Create new laws for these pathetic (waste of fresh air and clean water) terrorists - a law in Canada would work well for these types of misled idiots....Dangerous offenders status - look it up, lock them up at the famous Guantanamo Bay detention camp....for life! If this does not deter these cowards, nothing will!
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