New Poll Sees Euroskeptics in Parliament

A new survey shows that six parties could end up with seats in the Bundestag.

A new survey shows that six parties could end up with seats in the Bundestag.


Could the euroskeptic party Alternative for Germany (AfD) make it into parliament after all? A new poll released by tabloid Bild on Thursday seems to indicate just that. According to the survey, conducted by Erfurt-based polling institute INSA, 5 percent of those asked said they plan to vote for AfD on Sunday, which would be just enough to clear the threshold for sending representatives to the Bundestag.

Just as interesting, the survey found that fully six parties may receive enough votes on Sunday to send deputies to Berlin, which would be a record for Germany. INSA found that 38 percent were planning on voting for Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives and 28 percent for the center-left Social Democrats. The Green Party would seem to be continuing its long plunge, with a mere 8 percent of those taking part in the poll saying they planned to vote for them. The Left Party came out at 9 percent.

Even though the poll would seem to indicate that Merkel's camp has slipped slightly, it contained encouraging news for the chancellor. Her coalition partner, the Free Democrats, came in at 6 percent support, showing that it might manage to clear the 5 percent hurdle after all.

Still, were the AfD to enter parliament, it would make it all the more difficult for Merkel to form a continuation of her current two-party alliance with the FDP. She has ruled out the possibility of forming a coalition with the euroskeptics, meaning that her center-right camp will need much more than its current 44 percent to end up with more seats in the Bundestag than the opposition.

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