Sausage, Stalingrad and Sadomasochism The Dumbest Ideas Ever Uttered in German Politics


Part 5: 'Germany Should Buy Mallorca!'

German territory?

German territory?

'Germany Should Buy Mallorca'

Every year in Germany's media world, something known as the "summer hole" comes around, a period in the summer when most politicians are on holiday, parliament is not in session and nothing much happens. Journalists, however, are still digging around for stories to sell papers.

It is this reality which explains the uproar following a proposal by Dionys Jobst, a member of the Bavarian conservative party CSU, that the Spanish island of Mallorca should become German. He suggested that Berlin should buy the island for 50 billion deutsche marks, write the name of the island with a "k" in the German style and change the name of the island's capital from Palma de Mallorca to Palmenhausen.

It didn't take long after the first tabloid headline before Jobst was flooded with telephone calls from Spain and elsewhere asking him about his proposal. Within Germany, politicians hurried to distance themselves from the Bavarian politician. Jobst later said he was just joking around with the journalist who broke the story. "The whole thing got so serious," he said.

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