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'DER SPIEGEL in English' Now Availablefor iPhone

SPIEGEL ONLINE has released its first app for the international market, DER SPIEGEL in English for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The app is available for download free of charge, with access to content requiring a subscription. It's a good deal too, with six months of quality journalism delivered for about the price of a latte and an exclusive offline reading function.

Dear Readers,

This week marks the release of DER SPIEGEL in English, the first iPhone app dedicated exclusively to the stories we publish each week in English. The app is available for immediate download at the iTunes App Store.

With the launch of the DER SPIEGEL in English app, you can read a selection of articles each day from DER SPIEGEL, Germany's leading newsmagazine and the biggest in Europe. In addition to prize-winning journalism from the magazine, you will also find news and features from SPIEGEL ONLINE, Germany's leading news site.

No matter where you may be at any given time -- riding the New York subway, the Tube in London or on a ship sailing the Greek islands -- you will always have access to independent, hard-hitting and analytical news about developments in Europe, Germany and the world. DER SPIEGEL in English provides analysis of the latest euro crisis developments, features on international trends like the rising global prices for food, a European spin on the US presidential elections, technological innovations and also colorful news from our Zeitgeist culture section. We offer reporting on a broad range of topics in five different sections including the World, Europe, Germany, Business and Zeitgeist.

DER SPIEGEL in English offers virtually all the great journalism that has attracted you to SPIEGEL's English-language website, plus several extra features.

Why It Isn't Free

With DER SPIEGEL in English, we are introducing our first-ever English-language premium product. Although our website will continue to be free of charge, we are applying a subscription fee for six months of access to all DER SPIEGEL in English content on our iPhone app. Subscription pricing on the app is determined by the iTunes App Store and may vary from country to country, but prices in the United States and most European countries are set at $3.99 and €2.99 respectively for six months.

We hope that this modest subscription price will help us to recoup part of the high costs associated with producing our website, which draws on reporting from a network of staff journalists that includes 20 international bureaus. Mobile apps open the door to a business model that can help a project like DER SPIEGEL in English grow and provide even more of the journalism you have grown to trust.

The editors of DER SPIEGEL in English strive hard to provide our readers with a mix of stories each day that offers information and voices from Germany and continental Europe that you won't often find in other major international publications. During the past year, we have brought you groundbreaking works of journalism, including our unflinchingly critical coverage of the euro crisis, SPIEGEL's full reporting on WikiLeaks cables and exclusive stories like that of the "Kill Team" of American soldiers accused of killing civilians in Afghanistan.

For around the price of a large latte, you can get six months' worth of reading pleasure with the purchase of a subscription. More importantly, it provides you with an opportunity to show that you support the future of strong independent journalism and critical perspectives we deliver from Europe each week. We're also packing the app with a few extra features available exclusively to our subscribers.

Still hungry? Then why not buy yourself a subscription to DER SPIEGEL in English this holiday season?

Thank you for your support.

-- The Editors


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