Money, Money Everywhere: Why Does the EU Get Such a Bad Rap?

Money, Money Everywhere Why Does the EU Get Such a Bad Rap?

Has the EU really lost touch with its citizens? Is it unable to improve people's lives? Yes and no. Across Europe, EU money flows from Brussels into thousands of projects and ideas. Why does nobody notice? By Ullrich Fichtner more... Comment ]

Mediterranean Migraine: Italy's Growing Refugee Problem

Mediterranean Migraine Italy's Growing Refugee Problem

The large number of migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea from Africa to Italy continues unabated, with more coming now than in previous years. Many want to continue their journey to Germany. With Italian authorities badly overstrained, could this become Berlin's next problem? By Luigi Albonico, Peter Maxwill, Vladimir Otasevic, Charlotte Teunis and Katharina Wecker more... Comment ]

Tumultuous Times: 'Political Uncertainty Has Doubled the Around World'

Tumultuous Times 'Political Uncertainty Has Doubled the Around World'

In an interview, Stanford economist Nicholas Bloom, 43, discusses the era of political uncertainty that has been unleashed with Donald Trump's presidency and Britain's decision to leave the European Union. Interview Conducted by Peter Müller more... Comment ]

Global Education Quiz: How Do We Ensure Education for All?

Global Education Quiz How Do We Ensure Education for All?

The international community has set the goal of sending every child in the world to school by 2030. Is that really likely to happen? Find out in our interactive quiz. more...

Assault on Europe: Donald Trump and the New World Order

Assault on Europe Donald Trump and the New World Order

The inauguration of Donald Trump heralds the arrival of a new world order. The West is weaker than ever before and rising American nationalism poses a threat both to Germany's economy and the European Union. more... Comment ]

Historian Anne Applebaum on Trump: 'Protest Is Insufficient'

Historian Anne Applebaum on Trump 'Protest Is Insufficient'

In a SPIEGEL interview, Pulitzer-winning writer and historian Anne Applebaum talks about what the rise of Donald Trump means for Europe, what the future holds for NATO and whether democracy can survive the rise of right-wing populism. Interview Conducted by Christoph Scheuermann and Gordon Repinski more... Comment ]

Defending Western Values: Time for an International Front Against Trump

Defending Western Values Time for an International Front Against Trump

With the inauguration of Donald Trump as U.S. president, America is set to move into a more isolationist and more self-interested direction. The rest of the West must now stand up to defend our values. A Commentary by Ullrich Fichtner more... Comment ]

Dear Facebook, This Man Is Not a Terrorist: Selfie with Merkel Haunts Refugee

Dear Facebook, This Man Is Not a Terrorist Selfie with Merkel Haunts Refugee

Under normal circumstances, he would be considered a shining example of integration. But a selfie of Anas Modamani together with German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been used repeatedly to label the young Syrian refugee as a terrorist. The 19-year-old has had enough and is taking legal action against Facebook. By Fabian Reinbold more... Comment ]

Domestic Refugees in Ukraine: Waiting Out the War

Domestic Refugees in Ukraine Waiting Out the War

The war in eastern Ukraine has uprooted hundreds of thousands of people, forcing them to flee from the constant shelling. Many of them have since found shelter, but they are yearning to return to their old lives. By  Yuliana Romanyshyn and Anastasia Vlasova (Fotos) more...