Post from the US Mr. Trittin, You've Got Mail!

American readers are furious at German Environmental Minister Jürgen Trittin, who believes America's lax policy on global warming is partly to blame for Hurricane Katrina. Here are some of the kindest of their responses:

The German hysteria, indeed all of the hysteria concerning so-called Global Warming is just silly. Always has been.

So let me understand this thought process. A storm devastates a city of innocent people causing billions of dollars in damage leaving millions homeless and is somehow viewed "justice" because the President won't cave in to the global warming screeching of the left and the communists. Nice. Real nice.

-- JJ Boyce

Thanks for your article. Some of us in America still know and believe in a different Germany, one that does not spit upon those devastated by natural catastrophes. I recall the flooding that took place in Germany not too long ago (back in 2002 I believe), and no rational, compassionate being would have blamed a single government for such devastation. I lived in Wuerzburg in the mid-1990's for nearly three years and never heard such propagandistic garbage as you have presented now coming from socialist newspapers today. All I can say is I hope Angela Merkel kicks some serious socialist ass! They need a good ass-kicking. -- Ramon Angeles San Diego, CA, USA

Isn't it so typical of the German papers to scantimoniously preach their opinion of global warming, but show absolutely no compassion for the hundreds of thousands of people who have lost everythng to the storm. The sacrifices the American People made for the German People during the long years of Comunist threat is now forgotten and is replace by a contempt for the people who helped them. Let us just sit back and see what kind of aid, if any, comes from Germany. Perhaps, all the German newspapers will pitch in an send a can of sauer kraut over.

- Andrew Kelly Pittsburgh, Pa.

Typical anti-American rhetoric from Europe. We have heard it a million times. Its always our fault. Please. Next time, deal with your own problems and don't call us to bail you out.

Its funny but every time the world has a crisis, Americans run to help with their checkbooks or their military. When something happens to us like this, where are all the people?

- Charles

As a second generation German it amazes me how the Germans have the nerve to bring lousy politics into a natural calamity. For the German pundits to "blame" global warming and by extension ,hurricanes, on America's aversion to the Kyoto Treaty is really abominable. We here in America are watching our fellow Americans suffering and all that the rotten Germans can do is snear. That is what caused the hatred of them back in the 1940's. That and their own callousness toward any human being that differed from their own Nazi politics. Shame on the German people, they should know better by now. But I guess once a dumb head, always a dumb head. I would like to have cursed you all out,but as a 62 yr. old lady, I will just leave it as the above. - Maureen Keller-Waite Florida USA

Biggest load of anti-American and anti-Bush garbage I've ever read! Many thanks for the concern, but the American people will rebuild without the help from our "friends" in Europe.

While most people agree the planet is in a warming cycle you have "no proof" that this can be blamed on America or even mankind as a whole. What we do know is that the planet has gone through both warming and cooling cycles in the past which had absolutely nothing to do with human activity.

Kyoto was a very poor attempt to try and punish the US economically while allowing nations such as China and India to continue with their massive pollution unchecked. This is the reason Kyoto was not acceptable to the United States and the US Congress voted against it overwhelmingly.

Try telling the truth for a change, it would make a refreshing change!

- Roy Troughton Mason, Ohio

Blaming President Bush and the United States in general for Hurricane Katrina's strength and resulting damage is a true sign of the arrogance of man. There are actually people who believe that man is so strong, so almighty that his actions can control and manipulate a hurricane? God created man but clearly some men believe they control God. Maybe next time the U.S. will invite these "intellectuals" to the Gulf region. Upon the arrival of the next hurricane, they can beat back the ocean waves with their swords. - Eric Smith Raleigh, NC USA.

Thanks, European friends, for yet another kick in the groin. Four years ago, the European left blamed us for the September 11 attacks. The French think that China is less of a threat to world peace than the US is. And today we get these comments from the German left on the same day that a columnist in the Guardian argues that we "invented" Al Qaida as a "phantom" enemy.

I think that GW Bush is terrible for my country and for the world. But as an American liberal I have to ask: when is the European left going to give us a break? I know the answer already, as it took many of them thirty years to accept that Stalin was a bad guy.

Having lived in Spain and married a French woman, I must say that I have become so sick of that particularly smug superiority on the part of many German, Belgian, and French people. I am so tired of the conversation in which my European "friends" take the opportunity to lecture me about my own country. Columns like this are just more of the same.

Grow up already!

- Tim Schmitz

A gentle reminder to Jürgen Trittin.

When others in our world are in pain during/after a catastrophe, the citizens of the United States open their hearts and generously help. We send doctors and aid halfway around the world to ease their suffering.

To my knowledge, no country has yet to offer aid those affected by Katrina.

One would think this German would at least have the courtesy to allow us to find, bury and morn our dead before they used our pain for their rhetoric.

Your prayers and condolences are appreciated.

- Michael Kuhn

This article displays the sort of compassion that I would expect from a country that's started 2 world wars, sold weapons to iraq for oil, side-stepping UN sanctions, then has the gall to take a self-exalted moral high ground. Germany is my heritage, of this I am not proud.

- R Kerkman

Wonderful commentary from our German "allies." We in America can care less about what a country like Germany has to say about the U.S. Just remember the next time you let another fascist such as Hitler take over your country, don't come looking to us. Screw Europe.

- Chris Gisburne

Why don't you send some help?

- Eddy

You are completely without redemption!!! Your maniacal assault on President Bush and the United States continues to fall of deaf ears. Have you no common sense or better yet, have you no shame???? Do you honestly think signing a treaty of any kind would have prevented this horrific act of God? I guess not --- because I actually forgot don't believe in "acts of God or God" for that fact. Rail away --- Americans are smarter than you think and this will do nothing but reinforce our feeling toward hapless and hopeless Germany and Europe!!! You are disgusting!! In circumspect I should not have even responded to your ludicrous article!

- Ruth Spollin

The majority of German brains have been adversely affected by global warming - they're definitely fried.

Global warming is like a religion with you guys! Not knowing anything about meteorology or hurricane cycles or global heat pumps or the like, you otherwise intelligent educated people pontificate aout some connection beween global warming and Hurricane Katrina. You remind me of the fundamentalist "Church Lady" character on the television show Saturday Night live. Every problem she identified was caused by Satan. In your ecological fundamentalism every problem is caused by Global Warming. It is no longer a matter of scientific conjecture in which informed understanding is possible, but an all-encompassing ideology that can explain vitually every natural evil in the world--a pseudoscience, like eugenics, or Lysenkoism.

- Mike Patton

Thanks for setting us straight on the cause of Hurricane Katrina, since the Gulf Coast area had never experienced a hurricane until Bush ignored our moral tutors in Germany and refused to sign the Kyoto Protocol. Oh wait, that's not right.

Well, it makes good copy for brain damaged Germans anyway.

- Joseph Toomey Baltimore, MD USA

So if the same thing would happen to Holland - would it be "their" fault also? It does not surprise me one bit of reactions like this from people like you. Whenever something happens to anyone in the world the citizens of the United States and the United States government send money and aid and help! we don't question who's fault it is - we help! When the tsunami hit - me and friends of mine sent checks immediately to aid groups to help along with millions of others! Only to be accused that we did not give enough! we didn't put in clauses saying "the government should have had a warning system"! we helped! When bitter enemies such as Iran have earthquakes - We don't question why did earthquakes happen so timely after nuclear testing! we send aid and help! but all you can do now is throw salt on wounds of people you have hated for years! People wonder why Europeans hate the United States all of a sudden? I say - they always have! They are just open about it now - finally! Go on hate us all you want! We will get through this without any help from phony "friends"! We will persevere! without your failing economy - and jealous hearts! you say that we are an arrogant nation - fine - go ahead - call us all the names you want! The people in this country work for everything they have! We work instead of worrying about shortening work hours and lengthening vacations and staying in spas for six weeks for minor operations! maybe you can work as hard as we do to achieve what we have and maybe your hearts may one day soften form your bitterness! My mother was originally from Germany - now I know why once she stepped foot in this country she never wanted to go back her "motherland"!


I read this article with much sadness in my heart. America has been a friend to all the world. We have come to the aid of many around the world. When the tsunami struck we did not hestitate to help those in need. As a whole Americans gave so much. Whether it was through corporate giving or indiviual giving. I ask who, if any will help America now? We are of strong stock and will survive. I do agree, that as a whole ALL of us are not taking care of the earth God gave us as best as we should. But to almost feel smug and to speak as if this is what American or any for that matter deserves is sick. I hope that Germany's Environmental Minister, Jürgen Trittin, has more to offer the Americans and more the point those affected by Hurricane Katrine than just smug comments. What's needed now is compassion and understanding. Something Missr, Trittin seems to be lacking.

- Tammy DeFrees State of Virginia, U.S.A

We as Americans lend a hand to whomever needs help all over the world including Germany after WWII with the Marshall Plan. We are in crises mode but don't worry we will take care of ourselves. Thank you Germany for showing your true feelings about the USA.

- Robert deLeeuw

As an American the devestation in New Orleans causes me to feel overwhelming pain for their plight and suffering. It infuriates me to read that Germans could even make such cold heartless comments about a disaster. - that our our country somehow deserves this! I currently have a pony stallion in training in Germany and actually considered looking for more ponies - FORGET IT! I'll spend my money here. Perhaps I should move up the schedule on importing the one that's there - but I care about my friends who are training him. I was planning to travel to Germany to ride in December - maybe I should send the money to the people in New Orleans instead. SHAME SHAME SHAME on any writer, reporter, commentator who would say we brought this on ourselves. When a natural disaster happens in your country - should we point a finger at you? Whle your economy continues to SINK LOWER at an increasing rate - should we make the obvious observation - YOU BROUGHT IT ON YOURSELVES! Regards from a proud American - ILona English NJ/USA

Your comments should be a warning to the USA about countries without compassion during a natural disaster. The USA will remember who it's friends are

- Jim Siar

It's good to know that not everyone in Germany is not a sanctimonious as the left, or liberals, or progressives, or whatever. My home town is Galveston, Texas - home of one of the worst disasters in U.S. history. Over 5000 people lost their lives due to a category four storm that hit and had a storm surge of over 20 feet, and this was before the era of global warming. Many people knew that what has happened in New Orleans was only a matter of time, as the city is below sea level. It is deeply regretful that individuals around the U.S. and around the world will hold up a disaster as a platform for to promote their ideas. They also loose support for their own cause, which does have merit, when they speak so condescendingly.

- Lynn Eriksen

We in America only wish you and your families good health, prosperity, and joy. The familes and children who are suffering through this calamity here in the USA could use your prayers and best wishes, not tempestuous empty rhetoric from a lout such as Jürgen Trittin . We'll care for our suffering, injured and ill while we also care for the world's suffering in the best ways we, as a nation, can muster. One day you may need the help and aid of the kind folks in America (again) - and rest assured we will come to your side without slapping you on the cheek while doing it.

Rational , helpful and constructive people have a circular reasoning task linking our President, George Bush, Global Warming, a horrendous natural disaster, and Kyoto Accords. What's Mr. Jürgen Trittin's excuse?

In closing, an overwhelming majority of Americans place little merit in the rant of Mr Trittin, only those who bask in the suffering of others can possibly agree with Mr. Trittin.

- Jim Harlow

The only way to argue that global warming is responsible for Hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans is to somehow suggest that Mother Nature has been attempting to hit New Orleans for decades and missed. Since New Orleans has always been susceptible to flooding, the only way to link global warming to a hit on New Orleans is to say that somehow global warming has sharpened Mother Nature's aim to the point that she has now been able to hit that which she previously had aimed at but missed. It is a truly silly argument.

- Matt Mashburn Atlanta, Georgia, USA

There is a reason why "Schadenfreude" is a German concept. You folks are truely disgusting and shallow.

- Joe Lewelling

Shameful glee at American misfortune and loss could not be more distasteful nor could the comments reflected in your condensed news better demonstrate logical weakness. Judging from the reporting one might conclude that the very next ice storm in Bavaria will demonstrate the certainty of a coming ice age. One would find American officials and commentators saddened by any similar event in Germany... rsavage

Germany's Environmental Minister Jugen Trittin is not only an embarrassment to the good people of Germany over his short sided, misinformed views concerning the cause of the tragedy which has devastated the Gulf Coast of the United States, one of Germany's Allies, but should be removed from his official position as an embarrassment to mankind!

- David T. Greener


- Alex Miller

Thanks, Germany. We'll remember this the next time you have a disaster.

- Wayne Schulz

This is absolutely amazing to me. Imagine tomorrow if a natural disaster hit Germany. Who would be first in line to render assistance? Yep, you guessed it the United States. Yet would we lecture our German friends, no I doubt we would, we'd help and wouldn't ask for a damn thing in return. Perhaps the greatest lessons Americans can learn from your erudite countrymen is that we're better off taking care of ourselves. I find it contemptuous that when I nation has a tragedy, the fine Herr Tritten has to lecture. All I can say is with pathetic "friends" like this, we don't need enemies. - Scott Erdo Humble, TEXAS

When other nations suffer catastrophe America always pitches in with a helping hand. Thanks for your article. It's like a hand on the top of the head of a drowning man pushing him farther under.

- G Neal

You know what bothers me most about this article?

Most Americans ( and I mean most ) would only be too eager to help our German friends out in a time of disaster. The planes would be in the air and people would be risking their lives to help out another land in trouble. Yet, as is always the case, we see NO mention from other governments that they are ready and willing to help us out in this time of trouble. Not one. I find it nauseating myself.

But, not to worry, we will manage by ourselves thank you. We always have. We always will.

That really seems to annoy the rest of the world doesn't it?

But there's more:

If something like this happened to Germany or another country like France, you'd hypocritically take the money and assistance from the US wouldn't you?

I don't know how you sleep at night.

( I direct this to those who feel this way and not every German or other countrymen. I know there are some who don't take this stance but, sadly, the numbers are dwindling. )

- Greg Fahey

Lovell, Maine, USA

I am sick to death of Europeans criticizing the US for everything from global warming on down. Hurricanes, even devastating ones, have been around since time began. No one had ever heard of global warming when the hurricane hit Galveston in the late 1800's or Miami in the twenties or Camille in 1969. This is merely a cycle of weather and it will go up and down from now on just as it has in the past. So, butt out of our business. We will take care of our own. We certainly don't need the help of Germans. - Martha Hamby

Dallas, Texas We deserve this? A lesson should be learned? Let me tell you what we deserve. We deserve your sympathy and benevolence. Let me tell you what we have learned. That the US helps other countries when they have national disasters but the world won't help the US when they have a disaster! Your article about Global warning is a smack in the face of the US. You should be ashamed of yourself! - Bernie McClenny, W3UR

I read with interest the story regarding the German print media's coverage of the devastating effects of hurricane Katrina. From our perspective much of the commentary is, simply, ludicrous. Minister Trittin's comments that this shows the U.S. should have signed the Kyoto treaty and essentially blames President Bush's 'lax environmental policies' resulting in global warming for the hurricane. He also insists that the U.S. be included in a Kyoto 2 treaty. Let us respond. First, Kyoto would not reduce greenhouse gases since (1) it is based upon at best unproven science (Some refer to it as 'junk science") and (2) it does not limit emissions from Third World countries or China (The latter is the one driving up oil prices because of its huge increase in demand.). Second, of the five worst hurricanes in American history, the vast majority of them took place in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s when not even the Greens believe global warming took place. The fact is that hurricanes follow a 30 year cycle and during the 70s and 80s we experienced a below normal number of hurricanes and now we are entering a higher than normal period that could last 10-20 years or maybe more. This point is supported by empirical evidence, something lacking in Trittin's views. Third, how many members of the EU have ratified Kyoto? I know that only a few years ago only Rumania had done so and even then the European elites were hypocritically castigating the U.S. for not signing it. And given the poor state of Germany's economy vis-à-vis the U.S., one would think the Germans would not be anxious to engage in further actions that would undermine it stagnant economy even more. Lastly, Trittin seems to resent the U.S. status as a sovereign nation. Our U.S. Senate must ratify any treaty and the vote to reject Kyoto was 98-0. Even the most liberal senators voted against it since it was so obviously a flawed document. Trittin also holds a particularly European position that exasperates those of us in the U.S. When European states engage in policies to support their national interests, that is just fine. But when the U.S. does the same, we are strongly criticized for it. Why is it ok for the Europeans to do this, but not us? And is it not true that the great majority of the time the interests of the U.S. support those of Europe? Absent the U.S. what would have been the outcome in the Balkans. German foreign policy proved useless in trying to diffuse ethic warfare in Kosovo and in fact exacerbated the problem. It was not until the U.S. intervened, after having given Europe and specifically Germany, a chance to solve the problem, that some resolution came about. And the U.S. will have troops there for years. We do not hear European voices demand that we leave there nor do we hear Europeans offering to help share the U.S. taxpayers' burden in paying for this policy. And need we remind Germany of the fact that the United States' policy of placing it under our nuclear umbrella at our expense (We also maintained 300,000 troops in Germany for decades.) allowed Germany to rebuild (Also with U.S. Marshall Plan assistance) and develop its economy without the need to have a costly defense establishment. And if the U.S. had followed the European popular and elite view of how to deal with the USSR, and regarding the placement of Pershing missles and the development of Star Wars technology under the Reagan administration, Germany would still be divided today. The fact is that over the past two decades the Europeans have almost been universally WRONG on major policies and the U.S. has been right. It would also appear the given the long-term demographic trends now evident in Europe and in Germany, it will be impossible for Europe as a whole and Germany and France in particular, to maintain their presently extensive socialistic programs. These are sapping the economic vitality of these states and within a decade they will cease to have sufficient tax-paying populations to support these programs. One would think they may wish to emulate some of our economic policies (But not all!) since compared to Europe, the U.S. is booming (We, too, have some clouds on our horizon, but nothing compared to Europe.) Well, this is a bit long and it "off the top of my head" so please excuse the lack of literary tightness. And thank you for providing this opportunity to respond to the site. Let us end on a hopeful note. Ultimately, I still believe that Europe and America have more that unite us than divide us. Let us pray it stays that way. - Prof. Ronald Smith

I am so disappointed in German publishers that take an opportunity, in the face of such heartbreaking tragedy, to pursue such a mean spirited, petty political agenda as in the article Katrina Should be A Lesson To US on Global Warming.

Climate scientists are already beginning to realize that the true culprit in such severe weather is geo-magnetic activity caused directly by solar activity. It has nothing to do with "global warming", which is a cyclic phenomena, well documented through the centuries, should your staff(s) care to investigate.

My grandparents came from Germany to the US in the early part of the 20th century. I have always been proud of my German ancestry. But that attitude is wearing thin as a result of this sort of nasty meanness.

Shame on you.

- Carol Wickenkamp

Hundreds of Americans are dead and hundreds of thousands are homeless. I would have expected the French to use such a gleeful occasion to attack US policy? Shameful.

- Jim Long

I am ashamed of our German friends for writing such nonsense. Well beyond any discussion of global warming is the most basic concept of human decency. People should help their friends who are in trouble, regardless of the cause. Americans routinely do this and frankly Germany has been a huge beneficiary of American support for many decades. It would appear you've become so self-absorbed that the basic concept of helping friends in need is something now severely lacking in the German character. I have no idea whether global warming caused Katrina, nor the next California earthquake, nor European heat wave, Japanese tsunami, or Russian drought. Frankly, I don't think anyone else in the world does either. It doesn't matter. There will be a disaster somewhere else in the world this year, and Americans will be there trying to help. More than likely, Germans will not. You'd rather stay home and complain about the Americans one more time. Very childlike behavior. P.S. Great work on the new eco-friendly Maybachs, ten cylinder Volkswagens, and 400+ HP Porsches, Mercedes, BMWs, and the lot. The ten worst gas mileage cars sold in America are all European. Perhaps you should take a look in the mirror as well. You might not like what you see. - John Mayberry

Typisch Deutsch. - Vahan Chertavian

how do you say "dumbass" auf Deutch? - Kevin C. O'Kane, Ph.D.

Utter hysteria. The same foolishness that provokes witch hunts and human sacrifice. Is there anything the big bad Americans aren't responsible for? - John Huettner

Cleveland, Ohio

When West Berlin faced starvation from the closing of rail and road connections to West Germany, the USA fed clothed and heated the population by air. This came at great cost of American treasure and a loss of American lives When New Orleans faces a not dissimilar situation, the response from the German press is a long vitriolic diatribe against the United States and its leadership. I guess this is how Germany says thank you. Well, thank you for your compassion and understanding. - Howard Mades

After the nasty article that Americans deserve "Katrina" the hurricane you say America caused by global warming. I hope Americans will boycott anything made in Germany. I hope Americans will stop traveling to Germany until there is an apology. We are pulling people from their homes. People are dying. The survivors have no food or water - they have no electricity. The flood walls have broken and hundreds more may die. Are you happy? How disgusting! Do you believe it is good for Germany to be pleased about human suffering. I am so angry that you believe you know all & are all. You do not. - Patsy Robertson


As a first generation American with German and Dutch blood flowing in my veins, you cannot honestly refute my assertion that there is a German tendency to didacticism.

Thank you, mein damen und herren, for your moral instruction in an hour of tragic human suffering in one of the poorer quarters of the U.S. Would that the typical American resorted to such elitism 50 years ago in Deutschland's hour of need. How long would Berlin have sustained itself on self-righteousness had America loaded its C47's with similar platitudes, back in 1948?

If you have nothing more to add in this hour of human suffering; I ask you, most respectfully, to please shut up. Thank you.

- Peter E. Dykhuis

Alexandria, Virginia

Hello, I'm an anti-Bush liberal (yes, we exist) who is more and more concerned about a kind of orthodox anti-American bigotry that is so frequently spewed out of Europe. While Europeans have consistently decried the 'ignorance' of Americans about the wider world, I find that Europeans (the media anyway) have a stunningly warped conception of America and its many cultures. Articles and commentaries often seem to be written by 2nd year University students who think they have a grand-unified-theory on the sociology of the United States and its ultimately evil nature (expressed in a manner similar to G. Bush, ironically). When Germany is flooded with a diet of negative American stereotypes to the exclusion of the wide and vibrant array of opinion, culture and political dissent here, it's no wonder that I find the kind of blanket-statement U.S. bashing that I do.

I have very few complaints about the broader European view of American foreign policy. It's the steady, toxic, cultural bigotry that pops up in the European media (I'm most familiar with the British, French and German mainstream press) whenever any sort of reference to America is involved.

Everything here is not McDonalds and murder and fundamentalist philistines.

Sorry to be so nebulous about my compaint, but this comes after reading European media for about 15 years. The echo-chamber nature of journalism is just as dangerous in Europe as in the U.S.. If the European press corps want to claim a great regard for toleration, reason, and respect for other people and cultures, an exception can't be made for Americans, just because you hate G.W. (and whatever else you want to hate about us).

All Arabs aren't terrorists, all Americans are not ugly.

- Tobin Manley

Why don't you people at the Frankfurter Rundschau just admit the fact that you hate the United States regardless of what our environmental policies actually are? I don't see anyone in the European community, or any other nation for that matter, bitching about the hardcore coal- and oil-burning black smoke pollution the Chinese keep belching out into the atmosphere in their desperate attempt to develop into a first-world nation at breakneck speed. In the United States, we clean up our messes. Our air quality in major cities is the best it's been in thirty years, and is continuing to improve.

- Daniel Ferg

I read with anger the various commentaries from German newspapers about the tragedy that recently struck the United States. For the left-leaning Social Democrats, the Greens and the other liberals of Germany to use this tragedy as an opportunity to bash our President, just futher alienates any attempt at reconciliation between our two countries. I find it interesting that the U.S. is always expected to be the first to step up to the challenge for any natural disaster anywhere in the world, yet when the U.S. is the recipient of the natural elements of our planet earth, very few countries come to our aid. In fact, your newspapers are evidence of your utter lack of class. I worked in Germany for many years, and I found the majority of the German people to be wonderful. Unfortunately, it was that vocal minority that frustrated me and thousands of other expatriots who lived in Germany. I have to say to those liberal critics--get a life! The world does not revolve around your innane views of the world, global warming, and politics. The next time you're looking for a place to spend your annual August holidays, you certainly aren't invited to come to the Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama regions of our country where hundreds of thousands of Americans are suffering and trying to figure out how to feed their families and find shelter. Thanks for nothing! - John Adams

I would hope that the attitude expressed in this article is merely that of the media and the politicians, and not the people of Germany. God forbid that a disaster of similiar magnitude be visited on the people of Germany. But be assured if it did, that the USA would still be one of the first to offer aid and comfort as it did after World War II. Did Germany offered aid,assistance or even condolences to the US before the onslaught of criticism? Sadly I think not.

- Ron Bartlett Phoenix, Arizona

Wow! The Germans really should get the "Humanitarian of the Year" award for their deep compassion... Why is it that when a disaster happens elsewhere in the world its expected that we pitch in to help with Billions of taxpayer money, but when it happens here people could care less?? Maybe we should let the world fend for itself. HMMM...

- Hal Howell

You Germans make me wish I could give my heritage back to you. You all make sick. The current hurricane cycle is a naturally occurring up-cycle and for your people and publications to relish this makes me sick. Thank God my forbearers had the foresight to emigrate in the 1850s from your "enlightened" land and come to a place that helps all and cherishes freedom. I wish I could erase my Bavarian heritage. - Eric Swensen, No Longer Proud to be of German Heritage

Du bist krank in dem Kopf! - Norman de Borkowski

Chagrin Falls, Ohio

It is good to know that when tragedy occurs, the German people can be counted on... for criticism.

- Tim Froehlke

I find it ironic that when any other part of the world has a natural disaster, we, the USA are the first ones to offer aid. I am not aware that any country has offered any form of aid. I am sure that some offers have been made by Britain, Italy, and the few other remaining allies. However, I do know that if Kofi Annan and his puppet brigade had offered help, it would be front page news. This is a good example of why the US should withdraw from the UN.

- William P. Ramey

So zu sein muß nett sein, ohne die Störung zum Haben den Luxus des Seins so sanctimonious... - Barbara Duncan

Thanks for your offer of aid and assistance! If not for our aid after WWll you people would still be living in caves! Unlike Europe, that needs crutches to limp along , America can stand on its' own two feet and walk unaided. If it is a feeling of inferiority that drives you, it is well deserved.

- Ed Ebbing

Europe does what it does best, looks on with no action or expression. Same as usual.

Thanks for nothing. - David Falloure

It is hard for me to comprehend how, in the midst of Hurricane Katrina's aftermath, a human tragedy of epic proportions, much of the world stands along the sidelines ready to criticize rather than assist materially in any significant way. I assure you that countless families along the Gulf Coast would welcome assistance from any source, including Europe. Reflect a moment on what America would be doing for Europe if the tables were turned. Every reader with any sense of history knows the answer to that hypothesis. That folks, in a nutshell, is what makes America great. - David McDougall

The reason Germany hasn't responded to the Katrina disaster is simple. Germans and Europeans in general are greedy, self centered, self righteous ingrates. They are quick to criticize America, and have amnesia about American assistance after WW II. They also want to forget the terror they imposed on the world.

- Henry David

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