Sending Leaks How to Encrypt Your Data in a Container

Here's how to set up an encrypted container for your data -- in 10 quick and easy steps.


1. We recommend the free program Truecrypt, which you can download here among other places. Make sure to use the version that corresponds to your operating system (Windows, Mac, etc).

2. Once you've installed and launched Truecrypt, click on the box "Create Volume."

3. In the next window, the box "Create Encrypted Container" is already checked, so simply click on "Next."

4. It's the same with the next window. Please just click on "Next" to create a standard container.

5. Now you can give the container a name and say where you want to save it. Click on "Select File" and give your name and where you're saving it (e.g., desktop).

6. Next, you set the encryption standard. Leave AES as the standard and click on "Next." For more information on encryption, click here.

7. Now you can choose the size of the container. It should be slightly bigger than the data you want to send to us. Then click on "Next."

8. Now you must enter a password. It shouldn't be fewer than 10 characters, and it should be a combination of letters and numbers. You must enter it a second time and then click on "Next."

9. Choose the predetermined format ("Fat") and click on Next.

10. Move the mouse around the screen at random for five seconds and then click on "Format."

That creates the container. You can now drag this container onto the Truecrypt screen. Click on the "Mount" box and enter your new password. Doing so opens the container in which you want to place your data. Clicking on "Dismount" locks them in the encrypted container. You can burn it on a CD or DVD or store it on a USB stick -- and then send it to us by post. You should send us the necessary password separately using one of the means described -- or separately by post.

Many thanks!



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