Social Design Award 2017 Wanted: Good Ideas for Green City Oases!

The Social Design Award, now being presented for the fourth time by SPIEGEL ONLINE and SPIEGEL WISSEN, is all about shaping our public and community life.

Illustration/Design: Kjosk

Be it large parks, small meadows, traffic islands or even empty lots, there are many islands of green in our cities. They are places where people can relax and quietly read a book; places where children can play. But it is also possible to shape community life here, with park festivals, neighborhood sporting events, urban gardening and renaturation projects.

It's precisely these types of projects that we are seeking for the Social Design Award, which is being presented for the fourth time by SPIEGEL ONLINE and SPIEGEL WISSEN with the support of home improvement retailer BAUHAUS. Submissions must be received by August 31 and anyone with an idea for breathing additional life into our green spaces and fostering a sense of community in them may participate.

Two awards are to be given this year, each with a prize of 2,500 euros. One winner will be determined by the jury and the other will be selected by readers of SPIEGEL ONLINE, who will be able to choose the Audience Prize based on a shortlist that will be announced at the beginning of October. You can find the exact competition rules here and in the current issue of SPIEGEL WISSEN, "Earthly Paradise: How We Can Save Our Habitat."

Last year, the project Groundkeeper won the Social Design Award. The app allows sports enthusiasts to easily find each other and meet up. It also allows for the registration of sites that are suitable for sports activities. The Audience Prize went to the Berlin-based nonprofit organization Mundraub for its Nachwuchs, or offspring, proposal, which allows new parents to have a tree planted in a public space in honor of their baby. In 2016, BAUHAUS also awarded a special prize for the Small Parking Lot Wonder, a pull cart that can be parked anywhere in the city and offers a space for benches, plants, a small library and many other possibilities.


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