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Caricature of Tom Fluharty
Thomas Fluharty

Thomas Lively Fluharty was born in Santa Ana, California, in 1962. Painting was something that always came easy to him. "When I showed my mom and dad my first real draw-ing, they thought that I'd traced it," Fluharty said. Following studies at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, he trained in New York under Ken Bald, who drew Dr. Kildare cartoons and other Marvel Comics during the 1950s. In addition, he attended courses in painting and drawing at the National Academy of Fine Arts as well as at the School of Visual Arts in New York. In 1996, Thomas Lively Fluharty had his first major success as illustrator with the design of a cover for "Mad" magazine. After that, the "New York Times" commissioned Fluharty to do five caricatures of Jerry Lewis: "That really started it all." Fluharty's work has been shown in many places, including in the Society of Illustrators Gallery. Fluharty has yet to win any art awards. But "I've won the Best Husband and Father of the Year Award handed out by my wonderful family of my wife, Krissy, and five girls."

SPIEGEL cover 21/2004
Clever girls, dumb boys

Girls are performing better and better in schools. Boys, on the other hand, all too often lack the desire to learn. Educators are worried about the men of tomorrow.

SPIEGEL cover 40/2004
Teaching Health

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