The Mica Children: Fighting for Survival in India's Deadly Mines

The Mica Children Fighting for Survival in India's Deadly Mines

They work in India's mines to supply the cosmetics and car paint industries. And sometimes they die. A Visual Story By Marius Münstermann and Christian Werner more...

Women's Rights Quiz: What Country Has the Most Female Managers?

Women's Rights Quiz What Country Has the Most Female Managers?

In many parts of the world, women have a much harder time than men. Compared internationally, the situation isn't as problematic in Germany, but women in many countries are still faring better. Do you know which ones? more...

A Child Bride in India: Ramgani's Fight for Independence

A Child Bride in India Ramgani's Fight for Independence

Ramgani was married when she was just 14, but she refused to quit her schooling as her father demanded. If her in-laws force her to move in with them, she will flee. By Natalia Otero in Rajasthan, India more... Video ]

Shackles of Tradition in Ethiopia: A Child-Bride at the Mercy of Men

Shackles of Tradition in Ethiopia A Child-Bride at the Mercy of Men

Fourteen-year-old Abaynesh wanted to become a doctor. But then she was married and had to break off her schooling to do the housework for her in-laws. It is a fate shared by many girls in Ethiopia. By Natalia Otero in Gindero, Ethiopia more... Video ]

Child Marriages Around the World: The Fifteen-Year-Old Single Mother

Child Marriages Around the World The Fifteen-Year-Old Single Mother

Nayane became a widow and a single mother with a baby when police shot her husband in an incident that is anything but an isolated in her country. A visit to Rio de Janeiro's Maré favela complex. By Natalia Otero in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil more... Video | Comment ]

Inequality: Are You a Part of the Upper 10 Percent?

Inequality Are You a Part of the Upper 10 Percent?

How much money does a person need to earn to count as rich in Germany? And how does the country compare internationally? Find out in this month's quiz. more...

Poverty and Prosperity in Kenya: Neighbors Across the Divide

Poverty and Prosperity in Kenya Neighbors Across the Divide

They are the same age and both have families and the same goals in life. But Francis Mwangi lives in a corrugated metal shack while Johan Kiharu owns a mansion with a swimming pool. A look at the lives of two men symbolizing a deeply unhealthy society. A Multimedia Story from Nairobi by Christoph Titz (Text) and Johnny Miller (360-Degree Photos and Drone Videos) more...

State of Labor Quiz: Are Temporary Jobs the New Norm?

State of Labor Quiz Are Temporary Jobs the New Norm?

Are young people having a difficult time on the labor market? Which countries are best at providing maternity leave? And how does Germany fare in international comparisons? Take our quiz and find out. more...

Bolivia: The Proud Child Laborers

Bolivia The Proud Child Laborers

In the land of child labor: Even as the world is seeking to eliminate child labor, Bolivia has passed a law enabling the practice -- with the support of many of the children who work. Expedition BeyondTomorrow went to Bolivia for a closer look. A Multimedia Story from Bolivia by David Böcking (Text) and Yvette Paz-Soldan (Photos/Videos) more...