Global Education Quiz How Do We Ensure Education for All?

The international community has set the goal of sending every child in the world to school by 2030. Is that really likely to happen? Find out in our interactive quiz.

Children in South Sudan in 2013

Children in South Sudan in 2013

"Education gives us the key tools -- economic, social, technological, even ethical -- to take on the Sustainable Development Goals and to achieve them," wrote Jeffrey Sachs, the special advisor on the goals to the UN secretary-general, in the forward of the 2016 "Global Education Monitoring Report."

The report argues that education provides the foundations for achieving sustainability in all aspects of how we live. According to the UN Development Goals, which are the subject of SPIEGEL ONLINE's Expedition BeyondTomorrow series, all boys and girls are to have access to free, equitable and quality primary and secondary education by 2030.

Discover the world of education in our quiz. How far off are we from achieving our goal of providing universal education? With each answer, you will be provided with additional information on the globe. Click on "Let's Get Started."

Concept: Philipp Seibt and Yuliana Romanyshyn | Programming: Lorenz Matzat and Christopher Pietsch


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