Inequality Are You a Part of the Upper 10 Percent?

How much money does a person need to earn to count as rich in Germany? And how does the country compare internationally? Find out in this month's quiz.

"The gap between the poor and the rich is constantly growing," is a claim often made in media coverage of inequality. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is concerned that the increase in inequality could prevent growth and economist Marcel Fratzscher believes that one consequence can already be seen today: "The social market economy no longer exists," he says.

The United Nations want to reduce inequality -- both within individual countries and among countries -- as stated in the UN's sustainability goals that SPIEGEL ONLINE is examining as part of its Expedition BeyondTomorrow.

Take our quiz on the state of inequality around the world. How unequal are the world's countries? When is a person actually rich? With each answer, you will be provided with additional information on the globe. Click on "Let's Get Started."

An important note: All the figures in the questions pertain to an individual person.

Editor's note: Inequality is difficult to measure. Most statistics are based on polls regarding income and property, as are those used in this quiz. The problem with that methodology is that the richest of the rich aren't captured by the polls. The probability that a Bill Gates type would be part of the random sample is extremely low.

We have thus chosen key figures for the quiz that are less susceptible to such distortions, but they are nonetheless still possible. That's why detectable deviations sometimes exist in different polls measuring inequality. Well-known French economist Thomas Piketty and fellow researchers are seeking to create a solution to the problem. They are collecting data on inequality with their World Wealth & Income Database, but they are unfortunately at an early stage and have data from only a handful of countries.

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