State of Labor Quiz Are Temporary Jobs the New Norm?

Are young people having a difficult time on the labor market? Which countries are best at providing maternity leave? And how does Germany fare in international comparisons? Take our quiz and find out.

When people talk about working conditions in Germany, the focus is often on the surge in temporary relative to permanent jobs and a lack of raises given by employers. But in some countries, the issues can be even more basic -- with difficult topics like high youth unemployment or child labor in play.

The United Nations wants to improve working conditions around the world, according to the Sustainable Development Goals, which are the focus of SPIEGEL ONLINE's Expedition BeyondTomorrow series.

Take our quiz on the state of labor around the world. Where is the youth unemployment rate highest? And is the number of temporary jobs compared to permanent ones really growing so quickly? With each answer, you will be provided with additional information on the globe. Click on "Let's Get Started."

Concept: Philipp Seibt | Programming: Lorenz Matzat and Christopher Pietsch

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