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'Politicians Haven't Listened': Merkel Climate Advisor Blasts Global Inaction

'Politicians Haven't Listened': Merkel Climate Advisor Blasts Global Inaction

SPIEGEL ONLINE - November 19, 2012

Politicians need to get their act together on climate change, says Chancellor Angela Merkel's leading climate advisor Hans Joachim Schellnhuber just days before the global warming conference in Qatar. The World Bank agrees, releasing a report on Monday highlighting the serious consequences that await should global temperatures continue rising unchecked. more...

Interview with World Bank President Robert Zoellick: 'Time Is of the Essence' in the Euro Crisis

Interview with World Bank President Robert Zoellick: 'Time Is of the Essence' in the Euro Crisis

SPIEGEL ONLINE - June 18, 2012

World Bank President Robert Zoellick believes Europe needs to be more decisive in its response to the euro crisis. In an interview with SPIEGEL, he speaks of his sympathy for German reluctance to bail out its neighbors and explains why Chancellor Angela Merkel needs to take the lead. more...

Breaking the US's Dominance: Beijing Wants Say in Choice of World Bank Head

Breaking the US's Dominance: Beijing Wants Say in Choice of World Bank Head

SPIEGEL ONLINE - February 28, 2012

Traditionally, the US gets to appoint the president of the World Bank. But China is keen to make its influence felt in the search for a successor to Robert Zoellick, who will step down in June. The next head may still be American, but he or she will need to get Beijing's blessing. By Gregor Peter Schmitz in Washington more... Comment ]

World Bank Leak: Biofuels May Be Even Worse than First Thought

SPIEGEL ONLINE - July 04, 2008

An internal report put together by the World Bank and leaked to the Guardian claims that biofuels may be responsible for up to 75 percent of recent rises in food prices. Even environmental groups haven't gone that far in their estimates. more...

World Bank Calls for Action: Chaos Spreads as Food Prices Skyrocket

SPIEGEL ONLINE - April 10, 2008

Gunfire in Haiti. Riots in Cameroon. A government crisis in the Philippines. The effects of skyrocketing food prices have reached every corner of the globe. Now, the World Bank has called for world leaders to take action before it is too late. more...

Deaths, What Deaths? China 'Forced World Bank' to Doctor Pollution Report

SPIEGEL ONLINE - July 04, 2007

China forced the World Bank to remove damning statistics from a pollution report, the Financial Times has revealed. Among the information cut was the figure that around 750,000 people die in China each year because of pollution. more...

Plumbing the Depths of Corruption: Did Siemens Cheat the World Bank?

SPIEGEL ONLINE - July 02, 2007

First it was German prosecutors. But now, the World Bank is taking a closer look at Siemens due to suspicions that the engineering giant may have lined its pockets on a major power plant project in Pakistan. The company could be black listed. By Jörg Schmitt and Beat Balzli more...

World Bank Chief Zoellick: Bush's Quiet Idealist

SPIEGEL ONLINE - May 30, 2007

Robert Zoellick has been designated the new president of the World Bank following Paul Wolfowitz's departure. Many Germans remember him as the likeable mediator who helped bring about German reunification. But Zoellick's maxim is still "America first." By Marc Pitzke in New York more...

End of the World Bank Scandal: Wolfowitz Resigns

SPIEGEL ONLINE - May 18, 2007

His bow from the bank will clear the way for a more credible and efficient president, say his critics. But his defenders gave him credit for fighting corruption. more...

World Bank Boss May Resign: Wolfowitz Said to Push for Deal to Quit

SPIEGEL ONLINE - May 17, 2007

The pressure to resign has been growing for weeks. But so far, World Bank President Paul D. Wolfowitz has held on to his post despite accusations of improprieties. Now, the end may be near. By Steven R. Weisman more...