Brzezinski on Russia: 'We Are Already In a Cold War'

Brzezinski on Russia: 'We Are Already In a Cold War'

Former US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski believes the West should stand up to Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine. "We should make it more costly for the Russians to use force," he tells SPIEGEL ONLINE in an interview. An Interview by Sebastian Fischer and Holger Stark more... Comment ]

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The Allure of the Islamic State Money and Status Attract Fighters

The Allure of the Islamic State: Money and Status Attract Fighters

A bricklayer got a $60 a month raise by trading his construction tools for a Kalashnikov and becoming a soldier for the Islamic State. Subsidies and other benefits appear to be part of the holy war's allure for some. By Katrin Kuntz in Erbil, Iraq more... Comment ]

Relentless Terror The Everyday Horrors of the Islamic State

Relentless Terror: The Everyday Horrors of the Islamic State

Eighty lashes of the whip for alcohol. Amputation for theft. Crucifiction for robbery. These are only a few of the draconian punishments employed by the Islamic State, according to documents and the testimony of witnesses obtained by SPIEGEL. By Uwe Buse and Katrin Kuntz more... Comment ]

Confronting the Past America Finally Turns Its Attention to Rampant Racism

Confronting the Past: America Finally Turns Its Attention to Rampant Racism

Why is America only now having an honest debate about racism? The dead from Charleston are also the dead of a nation that has long refused to work through its past mistakes. A Commentary by Markus Feldenkirchen more... Comment ]

Lifting the Veil How Working Women Are Remaking Saudi Arabia

Lifting the Veil: How Working Women Are Remaking Saudi Arabia

A growing number of women in Saudi Arabia are joining the workforce and chipping away at discriminations enshrined in its laws. But they face conservative opposition and -- even now -- a ban on driving. By Juliane von Mittelstaedt and Samiha Shafy more... Comment ]

Cold War Resurgent US Nukes Could Soon Return to Europe

Cold War Resurgent: US Nukes Could Soon Return to Europe

Washington is once again talking about stationing nuclear warheads in Europe. Russia, too, is turning up the rhetoric. Europeans are concerned about becoming caught in the middle of a new Cold War. By SPIEGEL Staff more... Comment ]

New ESA Head Wörner 'We Could Build All Kinds of Things with Moon Concrete'

New ESA Head Wörner: 'We Could Build All Kinds of Things with Moon Concrete'

On July 1, Johann-Dietrich Wörner will become the new general director of the European Space Agency. SPIEGEL speaks with him about his dream of building a colony on the moon and the difficulties of traveling to Mars. Interview Conducted by Olaf Stampf more... Comment ]

The New Kingdom Saudi Arabia's Contradictory Transformation

The New Kingdom: Saudi Arabia's Contradictory Transformation

During his reign, King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has created a new leadership role for Saudi Arabia. But his changes are filled with contradictions -- and may only make the region more unstable. By Bernhard Zand more... Comment ]

Interview with Thomas Bach 'We Can Only Provide Inspiration'

Interview with Thomas Bach: 'We Can Only Provide Inspiration'

Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committe, talks to SPIEGEL about anti-gay laws, Hamburg's 2024 bid and the association's limited responsibility for human rights. Interview conducted by Lukas Eberle and Maik Großekathöfer more... Comment ]

Legal Highs Welcome to the Cannabis Revolution

Legal Highs: Welcome to the Cannabis Revolution

A new consensus is emerging that bans on cannabis are counterproductive. Across the world, countries are legalizing its use for pleasure and medical treatment -- but Germany still lags behind. By Marco Evers and Laura Höflinger more... Comment ]