A Political Catastrophe Trump's Victory Ushers in Dangerous Instability

With Donald Trump's victory, the world is entering a new and dangerous phase of instability. To fulfill his campaign promises, he will need partners. But there is no indication that the president-elect is interested constructive solutions.

US President-elect Donald Trump in Manhattan after his election win

US President-elect Donald Trump in Manhattan after his election win

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It really happened. He did it. Donald Trump proved all experts wrong. All of the allegedly certain predictions that he could not become a president of the United States have been reduced to absurdity. A man who insults foreigners, women and people with disabilities, who preaches hate and snubs America's most important partners, will run the most powerful country on Earth. It is a political catastrophe.

Crude populism has triumphed over reason. Trump's success is a shock for all those who had counted on the political wisdom of American voters. The real-estate tycoon promised the Americans a fundamental political shift and a majority -- even if slim -- have followed his promises. The American voters have opted for change, though no one knows what it will look like. Given Trump's Islamophobic, nationalistic, hateful statements during the election campaign, only one thing can be said for sure: It won't be good.

Trump scored points with hateful slogans against the so-called political establishment and the media. He won over a white middle class that has been destabilized by globalization. "I alone can fix fit" was the motto of his campaign. It's an arrogant phrase, an empty promise. What is certain is that Trump on his own will not be able to solve the problems faced by America and those of a highly complex world. Those who believe he will have only themselves to blame.

The World Enters a New Phase

A president who wants to make the lives of his citizens better and more secure must seek reconciliation and dialogue with other states and cultures. He needs partners. None of this seems to interest Trump. Trump is a destroyer, a divider. An examination of his biography and of his election campaign shows that he is not interested in constructive solutions, he isn't looking for reconciliation, he only wants to egoistically and self-righteously impose his and his supporters' nationalist interests.

The world, and America, is now threatened by a dangerous phase of instability: Donald Trump wants to make America "great" again. If one believes his pronouncements, he will proceed ruthlessly: He wants to throw 11 million migrants out of the country, renegotiate all major trade agreements and make important allies like Germany pay for US military protection. That will trigger significant conflict, incite new rivalries and spur new crises.

The most important question is now: Will the American system of "checks and balances" between the institutions manage to prevent a man who speaks like an autocrat from governing like one? Is it even possible to control Trump with a Republican Congress?

America's democracy now faces a significant test: It is to be feared that Trump will do everything he can to checkmate his opponents. He threatened journalists who were critical of him during his campaign. His followers yelled "lock her up" in reference to his opponent Hillary Clinton. Such rhetoric leaves marks, even if he struck a more conciliatory note in his acceptance speech.

Of course hope remains that the political system is strong enough to restrain a president with absolutist fantasies. But there are no guarantees.


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afrikaneer 11/09/2016
1. Rough Landing
For good or bad, change is coming to America. If two years of Trump campaign was difficult to bear, we may not survive four years as President. America is like the cats, always manages to land on its feet. This time however, the landing will be rough, so bad, even Putin will have a reason to celebrate. The US is following Russia footsteps, and exploring what is like to be governed by oligarchs. They are already lining up for next one; it is not enough to pay for the elections, they want to own them and Trump is leading the way. Gird your loins, the ride of our lives is about to begin. By the way, our allies better start learning how to speak in tongues and learn Bible verses, it may help cement diplomatic relationships.
Wetoldyouso 11/09/2016
2. Oh, please!
Trump's election is a response to the cultural and economic instability supported by people like this author through their enthusiasm for internationalism, open borders, mass immigration with contempt for local cultures, globalization. You created the mess: he is the response to it. This article demonstrates precisely the sort of elitest contempt for the lives of ordinary people that got Trump elected in the first place. Perhaps if people like you hadn't been so tone deaf for so long, this wouldn't have happened.
haraldsfca 11/09/2016
3. Trump and Europe
Now is the time for the EU to build itself an army and to begin a political crackdown on its extreme right wing. Putin and neo nazis in Europe and the USA have been emboldened. It is time for people of color to begin arming themselves and forming secret militia groups. War is the only solution to stop this resurgence of neo fascism.
gord_schneider 11/09/2016
I congratulate Mr. Trump and wish him well. The leftist, progressive world we live in was terrified of him...........that's good. He will bring some sanity back to this crazy world, thank God.
cheekos 11/09/2016
5. Trump Victory
America wakes with a hang-over today, knowing full well that it has unleashed an ignorant, unstable person on the world, and one that can be extremely dangerous. As I reflect on last night's Trump victory, I can only believe that he focused on a disease, which many average Americans displayed the symptoms of, that cried-out for help. Jobs and careers had been lost. Income-Inequality benefited the few, but not the many. The endless wars that caused greater attention on Guns, rather than Butter. Many of these maladies had been caused by various Administration, and various parties. When is someone going to write about the one big question that seems to have been left out of the discussion? What is going to happen to Donald Trump's various business enterprises? Who will manage them? Will he go back to them? Going back would enable him to receive benefits for past policy favors. Marketable securities, in a blind trust, can be re-shuffled so that a President wouldn't know what his wealth is invested in. Trump could, however, benefit from his "brand" products, just by the presence of his name on them. But, the deal would be his real estate holdings. A President could not help but to know where his various buildings--whether wholly-owned, partnerships, or he just sold the rights to use his name. Whether located domestically or in foreign markets, you can't hide large buildings and golf courses with his name plastered all over them. Nothing would be accomplished by dumping them on the market. And, turning the management over to his children would hardly shield them from his knowing What and W=here they are located. Lastly, Donald, Jr. has said that a large portion of the revenue comes regularly from Russia. Shouldn't America know what's going on there? I honestly wonder how much of Donald Trump's tirades were about problems that he had both the ability to correct, as well as the willingness to. Why would a self-proclaimed billionaire work for the benefit of the common man, when he never done before? Why would someone who has most of his "brand" products made oversea, when he promises to bring the jobs back? Bring the robots back? And, how does a military draft dodger believe that he knows more about the Islamic State. In essence, how much of what he says is just b.s, and how much has factual content. Surely Vladimir Putin is smiling today! https://thetruthoncommonsense.com
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