New Government Report Germany Criticizes Afghanistan's Lack of Progress

A new report by the German government says Afghanistan is making little progress towards lasting peace and security. The Taliban remains an operational fighting force, national reconciliation isn't advancing and attacks by Afghan security forces on international troops are a cause for concern, the report reads.

A German soldier on patrol in Chuluza, Afghanistan.

A German soldier on patrol in Chuluza, Afghanistan.

A new report by the German government paints a pessimistic picture of security in Afghanistan. Despite international efforts to train the national army and police force, "hostile forces remain operational," the government writes in its latest 'Afghanistan Progress Report' seen by SPIEGEL.

The report says lasting peace will only be achieved if Afghanistan makes progress on national reconciliation. "This hasn't succeeded so far," it writes.

The rise in attacks by Afghan troops on soldiers of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) is causing particular concern, the report adds, saying that 48 soldiers have died in such incidents this year.

"The German government takes the growing threat very seriously," the report says. It adds, however, that the number of security incidents has fallen. The 48-page report will be approved by the cabinet on Wednesday and submitted to parliament.

Germany plans to pay Afghanistan €430 million ($558 million) per year until 2016 to improve living conditions and governance. It will contribute an additional €150 million to help finance the Afghan security forces.



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