Bums Away in Bavaria Munich Contest Honors World's Best Butts

Hindsight took center stage Wednesday in Munich's search for the "Most Beautiful Bottom In the World." And Eastern Europe's assets were not left behind.

In a world already full of odd competitions and contests -- like Helsinki's sauna championship and the world beard championships -- it was likely only a matter of time before something this gratuitous came along. But in Munich on Wednesday, the world gathered for the "best butt" competition.

And for those who have spent any time in the region, it will hardly come as a surprise that both winners hail from the Balkans. Kristina Dimitrova, 19, of Bulgaria and Romanian Andrei Andrei, 24, each received €10,000 ($14,500), a modeling contract and an insurance policy for their prize-winning posterior.

A panel composed of German models and entertainers took a long, hard look at and judged the derrieres of 46 contestants from 26 countries.

Speaking in front of a bevy of photographers gathered to record the contest for posterity, Andrei said he believed his victory was a credit to his wild look, a mix between "Rambo and rocker." Dimitrova was all smiles. "I'm so happy," she said.

German finalists in both the male and female categories fell behind and were eliminated before the final round.

The competition, held in Munich's Reithalle, was titled "Show me Your Sloggi," after the German underwear company and contest sponsor.



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