04/10/2012 02:42 PM

Nasty Surprise

Child Finds Bazooka During Easter Egg Hunt

Children searching through the woods in an Easter egg hunt in Germany on Monday got more than they bargained for when they came across a ready-to-fire bazooka from World War II, police said.

An Easter egg hunt in Germany was rudely interrupted on Sunday when children combing woodland came across a live bazooka from World War II, police said.

The rusty anti-tank weapon had not been fired and was lying under a pile of leaves. The parents called the police and two explosives experts arrived at the scene near the town of Holzminden in northern Germany.

They cordoned off the area and destroyed the weapon in a controlled explosion that afternoon. Munitions and unexploded aerial bombs from World War II are still frequently found in Germany.

"The family was very safety-conscious and did the right thing," police said in a statement. There was no information on whether all the eggs were found.



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