Collateral Damage Police Shoot Two in Berlin Pitbull Attack

Police officers who fired their weapons at a pitbull after it had attacked a woman also accidentally shot and wounded two people in the Wedding district of Berlin. The dog, ultimately, was killed.

A pitbull terrier shown baring its teeth in an archive photo.

A pitbull terrier shown baring its teeth in an archive photo.

Two people were accidentally shot by police in Berlin as they were trying to kill an out-of-control pitbull. The officers had been dispatched to the apartment building in the Wedding district of the German capital on Tuesday evening after reports that the dog had escaped its home and bitten a woman.

The incident occurred when a 30-year-old woman rang the doorbell of a neighboring couple, which had been looking after Carlito, a two-year-old pitbull. When the door was opened, the dog went on the attack, biting the woman's leg. Her cries alerted others in the building, who called the police. Efforts to separate the pitbull from the woman using pepper spray were initially unsuccessful.

By the the time police arrived, however, the dog had let go and everyone had taken refuge in their homes. The officers initially intended to take the dog with them, but it could not be subdued, so they fired their weapons at the animal, killing it.

The dog, however, wasn't the only one hit, a police spokeswoman explained to the DAPD news agency. One ricocheting bullet hit a responding officer while another smashed through an apartment door and hit a woman standing on the other side -- the same woman who had been attacked by the dog.

Both of those hit were taken to hospital with minor injuries. Two other officers were also taken in for treatment of shock.

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