Open Wide Dentist Pulled 20 Teeth Without Asking Patient

There are good dentists and bad ones, but here's a story of the dentist from hell. He pulled 20 of a patient's teeth without asking for permission. He appealed against a decision to revoke his license -- and lost.

Trust me, I'm a dentist.

Trust me, I'm a dentist.

Imagine visiting the dentist, getting put under general anesthesia and waking up with 20 of your teeth missing. It happened to a man in Germany. The dentist didn't ask him for permission, and the mass extraction wasn't necessary.

The dentist was charged with causing bodily harm and given an eight-month suspended jail sentence.

He also had his permission to practice dentistry revoked -- a decision he appealed against in the Magdeburg Admistrative Court. Unfortunately for him, the court confirmed the decision on Monday, ruling that he was unworthy of the profession.

cro -- with wire reports

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What a very german thing to do: take without asking! I guess some habits are hard to break.
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