Diplomatic Stink Mexico Furious over German 'Finger in Butt' Hit

A German song that is riding high on the country's charts has ruffled diplomatic feathers as a result of its mixing of geographic and scatological issues. But the singer of "Finger in the Butt, Mexico" is unrepentant.

Rhymes with "Mexico," apparently.

Rhymes with "Mexico," apparently.

Mexico's ambassador to Germany has voiced his displeasure over a popular German song that allegedly disparages the North American country.

The song, which has been on the German charts for 10 weeks, features as its chorus the charming refrain "Finger in the butt, Mexico." (The German version, "Finger im Po, Mexiko," rhymes.)

Germany's mass-circulation daily Bild reported Thursday that Ambassador Jorge Castro-Valle Kuehne has written a letter of complaint to EMI, the record company which publishes the song.

The newspaper quotes the ambassador as writing: "As I'm sure you can understand, the lyric has aroused great outrage among the members of the Mexican community living in Germany, who have a right to be angry that Mexico's name is being used in this kind of disrespectful and disgusting way."

The song was written and is performed by 34-year-old German entertainer Mickie Krause, who made his breakthrough performing works such as "Go Home, You Old Shit" and "10 Naked Hairdressers."

According to Bild, Krause does not understand what the big stink is about. "It looks like the ambassador has too much time on his hands," Krause says, "if he can spend so much time worrying about a finger in the butt."

Krause told Bild that the song had to be taken with a sense of humor. "On stage, I also sing the lyric 'Finger in the vagina, Bosnia-Herzegovina,'" he added. "And nobody has gotten worked up about that."



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