Experiencing Winter at First Paw Polar Bear Knut Sees His First Snow

Berlin Zoo's celebrity polar bear Knut got the chance to see snow this weekend when the German capital had its first snowfall of the season. He seemed intrigued by the white substance but perfectly at home in the new winter wonderland.

He spent last winter safe indoors, being raised on a bottle after his mother rejected him. Now Berlin Zoo's celebrity polar bear Knut has had the chance to enjoy the weather of his natural habitat.

Knut got to experience snow at first paw Saturday when Berlin was hit by the first snowfall of the season. In proof that you can take the bear out of the Arctic but you can't take the Arctic out of the bear, Knut's natural polar bear instincts kicked in and he seemed to enjoy investigating the mysterious white substance, even giving it a good lick.

The zoo will be hoping for some more wintry weather on Dec. 5 when they throw a party to celebrate Knut's first birthday. A bit of snow would add the perfect touch to the proceedings.



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