Supporting a Habit Courier Tried to Smuggle Cocaine in Push-Up Bra

A 62-year-old drug courier arrived in Germany recently with cocaine packed into the pads of her push-up bra. She was caught when the pads became dislodged while she was walking through the customs area of the Düsseldorf airport.

Customs officers found cocaine packed into a push-up bra.

Customs officers found cocaine packed into a push-up bra.

Watchful customs officers at Düsseldorf airport noticed something odd about the 62-year-old woman who had just arrived on a flight from the Caribbean island of Curacao.

"It was strange that the contours in her chest area kept changing," a spokeswoman for the German Customs Authority told SPIEGEL ONLINE on Tuesday. "The padding appeared to have come out of her bra and had taken on a life of its own under her clothing."

Officers stopped her and found out that the bra pads consisted of cocaine. Two other travelers on the same flight were also caight smuggling the drug. One woman had it in her luggage, and one man had ingested 60 bags full of the substance, an X-ray examination showed.

In total, 6.5 kilos (14.3 pounds) of cocaine were seized from the three travelers on the flight, which arrived on October 17. The incident was only made public in a statement on Monday. All three are in custody.

"Smugglers are very inventive, we've seen all sorts of things -- cocaine hidden in children's toys or transported in liquid form. You can hide the paste in every nook and cranny," said the spokeswoman.

Customs officers had assumed there were smugglers on board the plane because they had arrested several drug couriers on flights from Curacao in preceding weeks.



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