Heat Beater Police Discover Swimming Pool on Wheels

German police on Sunday pulled over four men driving a BMW convertible that had been converted into a motorized swimming pool. Despite their creativity, at least one could be facing charges for being drunk behind the wheel.

A BMW, modified for the summer heat.
DPA/Polizei Chemnitz

A BMW, modified for the summer heat.

A BMW convertible first aroused the suspicions of a motorcycle cop on patrol in the eastern German town of Eibenstock when water sloshed out of it as it drove around a curve. When the officer pulled the car over, he could hardly believe his eyes.

In a police report released on Monday, he described encountering an "a convertible of a slightly different kind." The car had been converted into a swimming pool on wheels complete with a wooden railing and cheap floral decoration that could have come out of a chintzy Hawaiian hotel.

In addition to the driver, the officer also found two young men sitting inside in bathing suits and a third sitting on the trunk, dipping his feet in the "pool". The car reportedly only had one functioning gear, but could travel at speeds of up to 25 kilometers per hour (15.5 mph). The vehicle was also lacking a license plate.

Police became suspicious when water began sloshing out as the car rounded a corner.
DPA/Polizei Chemnitz

Police became suspicious when water began sloshing out as the car rounded a corner.

With the cop in hot pursuit, the men drove into a parking lot, jumped out of the car and fled the scene -- likely, the officer believed, because they were drunk. Police found that the car had been sealed using synthetic material and filled with around 2,000 liters (530 gallons) of water. It attracted so many spectators that the officer had to call for reinforcements.

But Is It Illegal?

A 27-year-old recognized by the police officer as the driver later returned to collect his belongings, but claimed he hadn't been behind the wheel. Police had let the air out of the tires and disconnected the spark plug by then to ensure it couldn't be driven further. The police said they let the man take his shoes and wallet but ordered a blood test to determine whether he had been drinking.

Since then, the men have had second thoughts about the caper. One of them told the tabloid Bild that "the ride was a stupid idea. It was the first time we drove on a street and we just wanted to have a little fun."

Police are currently investigating possible charges for drunk driving and driving without insurance. But there's one question that even police experts have been unable to answer: Is it illegal to drive a swimming pool?

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High Hat 07/24/2013
1. Should this become a Wikipedia article?
I have just learned that the USA can't claim to have all the "rednecks" in the world any longer. Alabama would be glad to claim these four men!
riskyayuda 07/24/2013
2. Hater Cops
The reason why people hate police is evident from this post. A car reportedly incapable of doing more than fifteen miles an hour, presumably because of the water in the pool, but a butthole officer still has to stop them and cause problems. I can summarize the moral of this story for you - happiness is forbidden by most capitalist governments, they want you to think money equals freedom except to get cash you must constantly work for the rest of your life in a never ending chase for it while inflation or miscellaneous things are purposely created to take more of it from you. My biggest disgust comes from the fact that law enforcement fail to remember they too are middle class citizens and should provide better service to the fraction of the public not out causing trouble. The majority of the boys in blue are everydy heros with a extremely difficult job because of all the ignorant, crazy, violent criminals but many of them get a bad name from the rogue ones.
kukaramanga 07/25/2013
3. Drunk behind the wheel?
Lemme guess...the pool was filled with Heineken.
klishnor 07/28/2013
4. Of course it's legal...
People have been driving in car pools for decades.
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