Grisly Killing in Germany Woman Flushed Murdered Husband Down Toilet

Police in Germany suspect a 52-year-old woman of murdering and chopping up her husband. She told her children: "You won't see him again, I flushed him down the toilet." Neighbors indeed heard a lot of flushing, and the woman is missing, along with a number of kitchen knives.

The apartment block where police say the murder took place.

The apartment block where police say the murder took place.

German police are seeking a 52-year-old Macedonian woman who is believed to have murdered her 58-year-old husband, cut him up and flushed some of his remains down a lavatory in the western city of Düsseldorf.

Media reports said the mother had confessed to the killing to her three grown-up children, saying: "You won't see him again, I flushed him down the toilet."

Neighbors reported hearing frequent lavatory flushing, hammering sounds and other strange noises in the apartment on one night just before Christmas. The man, a taxi driver, hasn't been seen since.

"The woman probably beat the man to death or stabbed him and then cut him up," Udo Moll, head of the Düsseldorf police investigation team, told reporters

Police checked the apartment last Friday after the couple's three adult children reported the man missing.

The apartment had been cleaned and partly renovated but police nevertheless found many traces of blood in the living room, kitchen and bathroom. Sniffer dogs led police to a rubbish container outside the apartment block, but the container had already been emptied and the trash had been taken to the incinerator. Several kitchen knives were missing.

"There was spattered blood on the wall where the alleged victim had his sleeping couch," said Moll.

The woman traveled to Macedonia just after Christmas and has not returned.

Police said relatives had told them the marriage had been "filled with hatred" and that the woman had tried to kill her husband several times before.

She is believed to have repeatedly mixed drugs into his food. She attacked him with a hammer last summer, but he refrained from reporting the incident to the police, telling relatives: "She's my wife, after all."

Police are now hoping to find traces of the 100 kilogram body in the city's sewage system. The Düsseldorf state prosecutor's office plans to file for an international arrest warrant.



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