Hollywood Fame Beckons for Opossum Cross-Eyed Heidi May Appear in Oscars Coverage

Heidi, Germany's cross-eyed opossum, has gained such international fame that a US broadcaster wants her to appear in an Oscars-related show in February. The Leipzig Zoo has ruled out flying her across the Atlantic, but she may appear in a video transmission.

And the winner is -- Heidi.

And the winner is -- Heidi.

Heidi, Germany's celebrity cross-eyed opossum, may star in an Oscars show for a US television network this year, Leipzig Zoo said on Monday, in a move that would undoubtedly vault the chubby marsupial to global superstardom.

"We have received a request from a broadcaster about an appearance by Heidi," said the spokeswoman for Leipzig Zoo, Maria Saegebarth.

But the oppossum won't be scuttling across the red carpet herself for the February 27 ceremony in Hollywood. Saegebarth ruled out that Heidi will be flying to the US, but said a video broadcast was feasible.

In recent weeks, Heidi has emerged as a media sensation, inspiring her own stuffed toy and winning tens of thousands of friends on Facebook with her charming facial quirk.

Leipzig Zoo is protecting her from all the attention and she won't be shown to visitors until July when the zoo opens a big new tropical center.

The reason for Heidi's crossed eyes is unclear, but zoo officials speculate that it might be because of fat deposits behind her eyes. She has recently been put on a strict diet which is already having some effect. "She is becoming markedly more mobile and she can use her tail better to hold herself," said Saegebarth.

Hollywood moguls will presumably be hoping that she stays cross-eyed until the Oscar ceremony. Otherwise Heidi's Hollywood career could be over before it begins.

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