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Houston, Ve Have Liftoff, Ja? Berlin TV Tower Rockets into Space

YouTube videos from Germany don't go viral everyday, but an animation depicting Berlin's TV tower rocketing into space, is finding a broad audience around the world.

Fabian Tischer, 28, grew up in Berlin's Friedrichshain district with a view of the landmark 368-meter (1,200-foot) television tower that dominates the city's skyline from the centrally located Alexanderplatz square.

Years later, working as a freelance computer graphics and animations specialist, Tischer came upon an idea that would fulfill a childhood fantasy. As a kid, he used to think the TV tower in the center of the former capital of East Germany was a rocket.

And now he has transformed it into just that. He took stock photos of the tower, which turns 40 this year, and mashed it up with audio and video from a real rocket launch to create an animation that went viral on the Web this week. The humorous title of the 1:29 minute clip? "NASA Steals Berlin TV Tower."

But the work is more than the visualization of a child's daydream. He intended for the animation, which he posted on YouTube in June and which has since gone viral, as a calling card for his work as a digital media designer.

And impress he has. So far, Tischer has been floored by the responses. "It's like I made something for Hollywood," he told SPIEGEL ONLINE.



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