Tis The Season to Be Merry Naked Man Causes Havoc After Christmas Party

A man got so merry at a Christmas party that he took his clothes off on his way home and ran naked through a German town early on Saturday morning in freezing temperatures, causing 30,000 euros worth of damage, police said.

Mulled wine is a potent .

Mulled wine is a potent .

A man returning from a Christmas party early on Saturday morning went on a naked rampage through a German town, smashing windows and causing €30,000 ($39,450) of damage, police said.

Residents in the western town of Lohmar near Cologne called the police saying they had seen the man running down a street shortly before 6 a.m. He had broken the window of a front door of a house and was being pursued by the occupants who lost track of him in a residential area.

Some 10 minutes later, police received another call. He had broken into a garden center and had caused considerable damage there.

At 6:40 a.m. he knocked on the door of a post office. An employee gave him a jacket, trousers and felt slippers. Then the man ran off again.

Police finally caught up with him at little later as he was running down the town's main street. "He said he had been returning home from a Christmas party and had gotten out of his taxi. There were gaps in his memory of what happened then," police said in a statement.

His clothes were found at the crossroads where the taxi had deposited him. The 29-year-old man was found to be inebriated. He faces prosecution for causing damage.


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