Easter Shock Giant Rabbit 'Stalker' Sparks Police Callout

A married couple rolling up the shutters on Easter Sunday morning found themselves face-to-face with a grinning weirdo staring at them through the window. He just kept leering at them stupidly, so they rang the emergency line saying a "stalker" was harassing them. Police made a quick arrest. 

Police officers posing with the offending "stalker."
Polizei Duisburg

Police officers posing with the offending "stalker."

A married couple in the western German city of Duisburg got a shock when they looked out of their window on Easter Sunday morning: A large figure was staring in at them with a strange, toothy smile.

They tried to shoo him away but he just stood there, ogling and grinning, with his hands tucked disturbingly deep into his pockets, so they rang the police emergency line. The call was logged at 8.40 a.m.

"The couple said they felt harassed by a 'stalker' standing directly in front of their window," police said in a statement Monday. "When the victims rolled up the shutters of their ground floor apartment, they stared him straight in the eyes. The suspect couldn't be persuaded to leave the scene."

Police took down the description of the offender -- about 1.80 meters (5 feet 11 inches) tall, yellow shirt, blue check trousers, green rucksack and a "striking" face. Two squad cars were immediately dispatched to nab the villain.

He was still there when they arrived. Seconds later, an officer sent the reassuring message back to HQ: "We've got the bastard."

It turned out that an -- as yet unidentified -- prankster had positioned an outsize Easter bunny figure outside the flat. The rabbit was taken back to the police station. "The investigation is continuing because his particulars couldn't be taken down," police said, appealing for witnesses. Before he was taken down to the cells, officers had fun posing for photos with him.



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