The Wrong Victim: Mugger Targets Blind Judo Champion

A street robber in Germany didn't know what had hit him when he tried to mug a blind man. He had made the mistake of choosing a world judo champion as his victim.

A brutal mugger who punched a blind man in the face to steal his carton of cigarettes got a nasty shock when he found he was dealing with a former world champion in judo for the visually impaired.

"The blind Judoka used some expert moves to wrestle the robber to the ground and pinned him down while he shouted for help," police in the city of Marburg said in a statement. A passerby called the police, who then arrested the 17-year-old mugger.

The teenager had threatened the 33-year-old blind man near the train station in Marburg. The champion had to be treated for a bloody nose following the incident.


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