Veni, Vidi, Video Italy OKs Covert Sex Tapes

Italy's supreme court ruled Tuesday that it is legal to record sex videos without telling one's partner. The court ruled in favor of a 49-year-old man who had secretly recorded his bedroom activities with his former girlfriend.

It is legal to videotape sex without telling your partner -- at least in Italy.

The nation's highest appeals court came to that decision Tuesday before acquitting a 49-year-old man who, without telling his then-girlfriend, recorded and saved videos of them having sex.

According to Reuters, the woman agreed to let her then-boyfriend use a video camera to project live images of their coital gymnastics onto a wall, but she did not know that he was also recording the proceedings.

When the relationship ended, the woman received a package from her former flame containing the videos and a note that read: "These are my last thoughts of you."

The supreme court in Rome acquitted the man on the grounds that he had not distributed the videos to other people. The decision overruled two previous decisions that had dealt a four-month jail sentence to the amorous amateur director.



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