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26.07.2019, 18:13 Uhr

Very confused Look at it from a different viewpoint. We don't call it the "death penalty" in the states. We call it "retroactive abortion". You are not against Women's rights, are you? Plus less [...] mehr

05.02.2016, 18:07 Uhr

Madness So it is okay to use a gas engine and pollute the environment, as long as you use a small car but not in an SUV? Strange. mehr

09.08.2015, 23:04 Uhr

You Krauts make great weapons! I love my HK 91 and my Walther PPX! Please export more! Cheap crappy beer, bukkake videos, and weapons! Jaja! mehr

02.08.2015, 16:42 Uhr

Lol Good luck with that. mehr

13.06.2015, 20:48 Uhr

Fraud in the making She's a wealthy elitist 1%er, establishment, pro war hawk candidate. She makes more money giving a speech than does an average person in a year. Her so called rally was reminiscent of "hope and [...] mehr

16.01.2015, 02:36 Uhr

Completely ridiculous White people don't complain when not nominated at the Black Entertainment Awards. Every one should be judged on performance and not skin color. Completely stupid. Why did SPON publish this nonsense? mehr

10.12.2014, 13:48 Uhr

LOL North Korea criticizing other countries... mehr

10.12.2014, 13:46 Uhr

Not too bad That's "torture". LOL. That's a cake walk compared to Islamic State treating their prisoners. mehr

13.11.2014, 20:08 Uhr

Geil "Ohne den 72-Jährigen kann Präsident Obama künftig kaum regieren." That would be great. How's that hope and change working out? mehr

28.10.2014, 18:38 Uhr

Absolute madness German tax money belongs in Germany for German people. mehr

28.10.2014, 17:38 Uhr

US is a Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic not a democracy.... Not that you would know the difference to begin with. mehr

25.10.2014, 23:07 Uhr

Typisch Deitschland Can't handle Halloween? LOL. I'm not surprised. Anybody under age 70 read Spiegel online? . mehr

21.10.2014, 19:22 Uhr

Great decision Germans make great weapons. Please export more! I love my Walther PPX and HK G3! mehr

30.09.2014, 23:37 Uhr

Moronic Argentinian Politicians They signed a contract agreeing to a loan with terms and conditions. They failed to uphold their end of the bargain and violated contract law. Why did these morons sign on the dotted line in the first [...] mehr

21.09.2014, 18:45 Uhr

10 Euro for a liter of dish water? That's a lot of money for boring and bland McLagers. mehr

04.09.2014, 22:30 Uhr

Losers What a bunch of whining losers. The only job you can get is flipping burgers? Get some skills so you're not paid a minimum wage. Why not make it $100 an hour? mehr

14.08.2014, 12:07 Uhr

Book Stores? Those went out of business 10+ years ago in the US. Amazon is successful because it's quick, easy, and convenient. The publishers are like record store owners 30+ years ago, either adjust the business [...] mehr

09.08.2014, 14:59 Uhr

Publishers are dinosaurs The customer doesn't have to deal with a middle man who marks up higher prices. Maybe if the publishers weren't so greedy. Spare me the crocodile tears... mehr

01.07.2014, 17:04 Uhr

Economy of the People's Republic of Pensioners Bia, Bukkake videos, and Machine guns! mehr

24.06.2014, 16:50 Uhr

Germany could use some "Rechtspopulist" (whatever that means) The EU is a total joke with no democratic backbone. I'm sure you the German taxpayer is looking forward to foot the entire bill. mehr

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