Photo Gallery Explosive Bank Robbery

Bank robbers in a tiny western German town sought to use explosives to access money inside of an ATM. But their bomb, as it turned out, was much too big. They destroyed the entire branch.
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Robbers in the tiny western German hamlet of Nottuln-Darup would seem to have forgone the necessary explosives training prior to an attempt to use a small bomb to access an ATM machine at this bank branch. The detonation destroyed the entire ground floor of the building.

Foto: dapd
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Miraculously, nobody was hurt in the powerful explosion, though the apartments on the upper floors of the building were occupied at the time of the blast.

Foto: Friso Gentsch/ dpa
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An investigator examining the remains of the ATM machine that was the target of the explosion. Police said on Monday that the thieves got away with some money, but it was unclear how much.

Foto: Friso Gentsch/ dpa
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Damage to the building is likely to be in the hundreds of thousands of euros.

Foto: Friso Gentsch/ dpa
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Bits of debris were propelled up to 80 meters (260 feet) through the air. Experts are now examining the building for structural damage.

Foto: dapd