Photo Gallery Gained Fame from Photographing the Vietnam War

Berlin-born Horst Fass won the Pulitzer Prize twice and as the AP's top photographer in Saigon was also largely responsible for the publication of the world famous photo showing a Vietnamese girl running away from a US napalm bomb attack.
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Horst Faas in 1968 in Saigon: The German two-time Pulitzer Prize winner died on Thursday.

Foto: Eddie Adams/ AP
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Horst Fass became famous for his photographs from the Vietnam War, which he covered from 1962 until 1974 for the AP news agency. This picture, taken in 1965, is of US Army helicopters spraying machine gun fire to cover the advance of the South Vietnamese troops.

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In this picture from 1965 Fass tried to return to a US helicopter after a day out with Vietnamese rangers.

Foto: Uncredited/ AP
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His photos of the Vietnam War made him famous and he set new standards for war coverage. In this 1965 picture South Vietnamese troops and their US advisers wait for a Viet Cong attack that didn't come.

Foto: Horst Faas/ AP
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US Marines scatter as smoke from a shot down helicopter spreads. Fass shot the picture on July 15, 1966.

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In this picture, taken on New Year's Day in 1966, two South Vietnamese children stare at an American paratrooper holding an M79 grenade launcher. The picture is part of a series of photographs ...

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... documenting women and children as they take cover in a muddy canal from intense Viet Cong fire some 20 kilometers west of Saigon.

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US soldiers in a Hanoi prison in March, 1973. This picture from Fass shows the last detention camp at Ly Nam De Street in Hanoi.

Foto: Horst Faas/ AP
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The battlefield in Vietnam: This Fass photo shows a wounded American soldier receiving water on the battlefield.

Foto: Horst Faas/ AP
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January 1964: A South Vietnamese soldier beats a farmer for allegedly supplying South Vietnamese troops with inaccurate information about the Viet Cong.

Foto: Horst Faas/ AP
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Mourning: This South Vietnamese woman lost her husband. Faas took this picture in 1969 after the man's body was discovered among 47 others in a mass grave.

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November 1965: A face mask protects a man from the smells of the many bodies of US and Vietnamese soldiers, killed fighting the Viet Cong at the Michelin rubber plantation, about 72 kilometers (45 miles) from northeast Saigon.

Foto: Horst Faas/ AP
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Faas, pictured here in 1967, did not only work in Vietnam but was an AP photographer in other crisis areas as well.

Foto: AP
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Fass took this picture at the beginning of the 1960s. It shows an Algerian boy holding his mother's hand while the two walk by a French soldier.

Foto: Horst Faas/ AP
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Fass took this picture of child soldiers in the Congo in November 1961.

Foto: Horst Faas/ AP
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This picture is also from the Congo in 1961. It shows the distribution of small food rations to people at a hospital.

Foto: Horst Faas/ AP
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This picture from Bangladesh is from Fass and his colleague Michel Laurent. The two won the Pulitzer Prize -- Fass' second -- for a series of photos in the early 1970's of the war-torn country.