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The Occupy Frankfurt camp has been cleared on grounds of health and safety. But demonstrators vow to continue their protest at another location.
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The Occupy Frankfurt camp was cleared by police on Monday. Demonstrators had spent 10 months camping in front of the European Central Bank's headquarters in the financial heart of Germany.

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While the closure of the camp was not violent, some demonstrators refused to go easily, staging a sit-in. Here, a protester is carried away by police.

Foto: dapd
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Other Occupy camps in Düsseldorf, Kiel and Münster have already been cleared. Here, one camp dweller is escorted from his tent by officers.

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The Occupy movement began last September in New York City, and quickly became an international phenomenon. The Occupy Frankfurt camp was set up in October. Here, rubbish left behind at the Frankfurt camp.

Foto: Frank Rumpenhorst/ dpa
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Police officers remove belongings from the camp. The city has justified its closure on grounds of health and safety.

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A demonstrator wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, which has become emblematic of the Occupy movement. Activists in Frankfurt say that they will continue their protest at other locations in the city.

Foto: Frank Rumpenhorst/ dpa
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Two activists console one another as the Frankfurt camp is cleared. The evacuation process only lasted a few hours.

Foto: Frank Kleefeldt/ dpa
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The camp was set up in a square in front of the ECB's headquarters.

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A protestor shows solidarity with the movement as officials clear the camp.

Foto: Frank Kleefeldt/ dpa
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A demonstrator and a police officer during the camp eviction. Around 50 demonstrators were cleared from the Frankfurt camp.

Foto: Frank Kleefeldt/ dpa
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An appeal to prevent the forcible eviction of protestors was rejected by a Frankfurt court.

Foto: dapd
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Police used megaphones to clear the site as they asked protestors to leave.

Foto: Frank Kleefeldt/ dpa
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The camp on July 31. Drug addicts and the homeless were reported to be amongst those living at Occupy Frankfurt in the end.

Foto: dapd
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An archive photo of the Occupy camp in Frankfurt. Protestors demanded stronger controls on the global financial sector.

Foto: Arne Dedert/ dpa
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A protest sign in front of the ECB reading "Occupy Frankfurt will stay as long as capitalism stays" -- a prophecy that proved untrue.

Foto: dapd
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