Photo Gallery 100,000 Years of Sex

A new exhibition in Germany pays tribute to 100 millennia of sex.
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A new exhibition in the Neanderthal Museum in Mettmann explores the fascinating history of "100,000 Years of Sex." It begins Feb. 3 and runs until May 20.

Foto: DDP
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The exhibition features numerous illuminating artefacts from 100 millennia of doin' it. This particular phallus is 22,000 years old and still going strong.

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The world's oldest condom is one of the highlights of the exhibition.

Foto: Neanderthal Museum
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This urn complete with phallus is one of the objects on display.

Foto: Neanderthal Museum
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A bronze wine bucket complete with salacious decoration.

Foto: Neanderthal Museum
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This candle holder comes with added extras.

Foto: Neanderthal Museum
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These Roman coins have an unusual decoration.

Foto: Neanderthal Museum
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The exhibition features voluptuous female figurines.

Foto: Neanderthal Museum
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A Greek vase has an aphrodisiac effect.

Foto: Neanderthal Museum
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Bärbel Auffermann, deputy director of the Neanderthal Museum, removes the leather apron from the museum's Neanderthal reproduction ahead of the exhibition.

Foto: DPA
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The Neanderthal figure is something of a symbol for the museum, which is based in the valley which gave the Neanderthals their name. The reproduction turns out to be anatomically correct.

Foto: Neanderthal Museum
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The museum hopes that visitors will leave the "sexhibition" as satisfied as this fellow.

Foto: Neanderthal Museum