Photo Gallery A Festival of Circumcision

It only takes place every five years. But when Sunet -- a circumcision festival -- rolls around, the people of Donje Ljubinje in Kosovo celebrate.
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For the sake of tradition, boys are not anesthetized before the ritual circumcisions. Here, a boy is restrained after the procedure.

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The circumcisions only occupy one day of a four day festival, which includes traditional music.

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Traditional sports are also a part of the festivities. Oil wrestling -- known as "Pelivani" -- is one of the popular activities.

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The boys awaiting circumcision are the guests of honor at the festivities and are featured in a parade through the village. Over 120 boys were circumcized at last year's festival.

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Circumcision is a symbol of religious and ethnic identity. Here, village elders pray prior to the start of the festival.

Foto: AP
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Women must wait outside the room until the circumcision is complete. Then they shower the boys with presents.

Foto: AP