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For several hours on Friday evening, the Black Bloc rampaged through Hamburg's Schanzenviertel neighborhood. The result was looted shops, torn up roads and plenty of debris.
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A destroyed shop in the Schanzenviertel neighborhood of Hamburg. For several hours on Friday night, Black Bloc activists rioted as police stayed away. Later at night, special police forces moved in to put an end to the violence.

Foto: Daniel Bockwoldt/ dpa
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The rioters destroyed several shops and ATM machines. Hamburg authorities spoke on Saturday of a "new dimension of aggression and violence."

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Residents of the Schanzenviertel area of Hamburg complain that no police were to be seen for several hours at the height of the rioting.

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The Black Bloc broke into a pharmacy and destroyed it. On Saturday, some leftists were criticizing the destruction of the pharmacy because the owner is known to have given internships to refugees from Syria.

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A girl in a Batman costume inspects the damage in front of a shop. Most of the destruction was limited to a single street in the neighborhood called Schulterblatt.

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A supermarket in Schanzenviertel was also destroyed on Saturday night. Most shops in central Hamburg are closed on Saturday, with some owners saying they are concerned for the safety of their employees.

Foto: Daniel Bockwoldt/ dpa
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Photographers at the scene shot videos and images as people looted a grocery story in the Schanzenviertel neighborhood. Hamburg police called for backup riot police to be sent from states across Germany.

Foto: Thomas Lohnes/ Getty Images
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This image is from another store demolished in the Schanzenviertel. German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she has understanding for peaceful demonstrations but says violence "cannot be accepted."

Foto: Axel Heimken/ dpa
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A scene in the Schanzenviertel on Saturday morning. The Hamburg sanitation department got to work early on Saturday, saying 60 workers began cleaning up the neighborhood at 6 a.m.

Foto: Axel Heimken/ dpa
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Rioters tore up paving stones to throw at police on Friday. On Saturday morning at 9 a.m., Hamburg police announced that 213 officers have been injured thus far in the conflicts and around 100 people have been arrested. There has been no word on the number of demonstrators injured.

Foto: Daniel Bockwoldt/ dpa
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Hamburg sanitation services wasted no time in beginning to clean up the debris from Friday night.

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Many neighborhood residents also took to the streets to help the cleanup effort. Here, residents are trying to put paving stones back together.

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Even as many stores have opted to remain closed on Saturday, this fruit and vegetable shop is carrying on as normal.

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The rioters didn't appear to make any distinctions when deciding which stores to attack on Friday night. They didn't just attack banks and chain stores, but also indpendent retail shops. This destroyed window belongs to an arcade.

Foto: Axel Heimken/ dpa
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The streets of the Schanzenviertel were covered with broken glass on Saturday morning. But not all bottles broke -- which proved a boon to bottle collectors, who will take them to supermarkets to collect the deposits.

Foto: Axel Heimken/ dpa
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The remains of a barricade in the Schanzenviertel. Rioters set fire to several barricades on Friday night in an attempt to keep the police at bay.

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The police were also helping out on Saturday morning in the cleanup effort. Here, they are removing rental bicycles that had been thrown into the middle of the street.

Foto: Christian Charisius/ dpa
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Cleanup was also underway at the Rote Flora leftist cultural center in the Schanzenviertel. The Rote Flora is something of a center of the protest movement against the G-20. Some politicians are calling for its closure in the wake of the rioting.

Foto: BILAN/ EPA/ REX/ Shutterstock
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